No-pants November! Days 1-3

Did you know it’s like national blog posting month or something?



I’m not sure if this is an actual thing or just something made up by the internet. Alas, I did my own daily blogging challenge last month because I’m such a goddamn trailblazer.


It’s November 3! 

I decided to preemptively stop wearing pants on the off chance you guys liked the idea of a no-pants challenge. This challenge is more suited to my lifestyle than a daily blogging challenge because it allows me to reward myself for doing nothing!

On Saturday I wore running tights and then changed into cotton drawstring pajamas, Sunday I wore leggings, and today I am wearing yoga pants.

stupid sexy flanders

Stupid sexy me.

Obviously these could all be considered pants in a very broad sense, but I’ve come up with a few helpful guidelines.


Nothing with pockets. Some of my sweatpants have pockets, but you get the idea. If the pockets fancy up the garment, then it could be considered pants and that’s what we don’t want.

Nothing with less than 50% Spandex or cotton (or similar stretchy/casual material). Obviously nothing with denim, corduroy, linen, polyester, etc. I don’t own any silk or satin so we don’t even have to worry about that.

Jeggings don’t count as pants but stretchy jeans might. I have a pair from Target that are borderline. They’re branded as “denim leggings” but they have real pockets. Yet, they are 73% cotton/spandex and only 27% polyester. I’ll decide later because MY RULES.

ALL 12 OF YOU READERS are welcome to join me in this exciting endeavor! I’d love for somebody with a real job (OR A DUDE!) to take this on because I’m really not getting away with anything except looking like a slob in front of my kids and the other moms at Target.

Oh, and as far as authenticity, you’re just going to have to trust me because there’s no way I’m taking daily selfies of my not-pants. Maybe a few selfies though.

Let’s move on. 

Did you guys have a fun Halloween?



It was butt cold here but we managed to hit about 10 houses before Kenzie got fed up. Naturally we were about half a block down the street when that happened and she insisted on being carried all the way home. She had a nice warm bath and a few mini Hershey’s before we put her to bed and had some fun of our own.

halloween funsiesBeer, candy, and the original Day of the Dead, which is a (sort of terrible) classic George Romero zombie film. (When you say FILM that makes it classier than just a movie, get it?)  I hear there’s a remake in the works because what old movie DOESN’T have a remake in the works? Hollywood: done coming up with original shit since 1987.

My goal for next Halloween is to go to a real grownup Halloween party. I’m hoping to have a good babysitting situation figured out by then.

What did you do for Halloween? What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without wearing pants?


20 thoughts on “No-pants November! Days 1-3

  1. I can get away with some leggings here at work (I’m a paralegal) if I wear a dress or a long dress shirt over. I don’t know if I could get away with it the whole month, though. Besides that, I am wearing pants today because I didn’t have advance notice of this challenge. You should have sent out reminders this weekend in addition to all the other things you were doing.

  2. I have a real job that I dress up for every day, with blazers and everything. Which sucks (the dressing up – not the job). And I haven’t worn pants in years. My secret is dresses, none of which have any structure or zippers or anything at all constricting. I do believe I might look like Dorothy Zbornack crossed with Mrs. Roper.

  3. I love dressing in costume…even when other people don’t get it. And not just on Halloween. I dressed up like Darth Maul on Halloween this year. I got to be a greeter at my kids’ school that morning. I felt really badly when I made a little girl cry just by saying “good morning.”

    We used to host adult-only Halloween costume parties at our old house (no HOA with uptight noise-and-hedonistic-behavior restrictions). They were very fun.

    • Haha, aww! My husband has a really scary mask that he kept threatening to wear for the trick or treaters, but I wouldn’t let him. Of course Kenzie thinks it’s hysterical and was not even scared.

  4. I would really like to take this challenge, but I currently don’t own enough dresses and I cannot spend money on fun stuff this month (STUPID VACATION), so I will just have to live vicariously through you. Although, my male coworkers (and probably a few female ones) would love it if I didn’t wear pants.

    That beer sounds fantastic. I need to broaden my beer horizons.

  5. I’ve been preemptively following your challenge for six weeks now so, you’re welcome. The other day I looked down in total confusion like WHY AM I NOT WEARING PANTS?! I forgot Dalton had peed all over them like 30 minutes ago. None of my actual pants fit so necessity will dictate that I will be your “real job” guinea pig. That pumpkin costume. OMG TOO CUTE!!!

    • Ha! Whenever someone says, “I feel like I’m forgetting something,” I like to go, “oh my god you’re not wearing any pants!” I could have actually said that to you!
      (Ssh! I only have one pair of actual pants that fit me, but that fact makes my challenge seem less challenging!)

  6. If I were a more timely blog reader, I wouldn’t have already blown this challenge. I’m sure I could do a no-pants November thing, it would just involve a lot of dresses (or some really harsh looks at work. Maybe. I’m behind a counter. I could probably go naked and no one would see).

  7. Me, my husband, Spider-Man and puff the magic dragon froze our trick or treating asses off for an hour before we went back to the house and drank hot chocolate and coffee. I have been in jogging shorts of some sort for three days. My husband is away on business and I’m six months pregnant and dammit, I have no one to impress 🙂

  8. I did a summer of no pants once. That was when I had a lot more skirts and dresses that fit and a job that I could do from home. If I could get a few more skirts and dresses, I’d join in, but I also really like wearing jeans to work.

    For Halloween, we dressed up the kid as Buzz Lightbeer (I love when Woody calls Buzz that) and walked trick or treated in the neighborhood. I don’t really know people who live in our neighborhood and it was interesting to see who lived at the houses I’ve walked/run past many, many times.

  9. I worked for almost a year at a job that did not allow women to wear pants. It was a miserable year. That said, I only put on jeans when I absolutely have to; I am ALL about sweat pants and pajama pants. But in the summer, I refuse to ever put on pants and I go bare legged far longer than appropriate.

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  11. Yes, I am in on this challenge. My students will be proud of me for it, I am sure! Who cares! It’s just 90 20-year olds! They don’t matter! As I am Indian by birth and residence, I will be wearing the long elasticized waisted tights/leggings that scrunch near ankle (black, mostly), with colourful cotton tunics that are called ‘Kurtis’ (that fall near knees, so it’s OK, all important parts are well covered). As my hair is going through its own personal middle life crisis no selfies will be presented. I might even wear a sari, but you will never know, because of no selfie. Can I wear my jeans on weekends? ‘Cause I don’t think I could handle it otherwise. Oh wait. I could wear running shorts instead. Ok, perfect. Done.

  12. Other than running tights, I don’t think I’ve worn pants in about 3 years. I might have worn jeans once last year, but I hate pants.

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