No-pants November, days 4-25 and some minutiae

Yeah, I’m way past due for an update on this, but it turns out this challenge isn’t nearly as clever or challenging as I thought it would be. Most of you reading this blog haven’t worn pants in years, AND you’ve managed to do that whilst being an even more productive member of society than I am. So good for you!

Anyway, so I’ve been rotating the same few pairs of leggings, yoga pants and sweat pants all month, and really it’s just getting old. I’m ready for real pants and for MY real pants to fit me again. But I’m going to go ahead and finish up No-pants November because I’m not a quitter and because Thanksgiving seems like the wrong time to start wearing real pants again. Plenty of time for that in January.

We’re staying home for Thanksgiving this year and not having any guests. That might sound curmudgeonly of us, but we’ve all been sick lately, and my husband is exhausted from work and kids and I am exhausted from kids so we’re just going to take it easy. I do miss our extended family but then I sit back and look and my messy house and think about how nice it is that I don’t have to clean it for anyone. We’re still going to make a turkey and stuffing though, because isn’t that what the holiday is all about?

And also drinking irresponsibly.

Also, the holiday is about drinking irresponsibly.

Speaking of meat, we started watching another TV series: Hannibal!

It’s loosely based on those novels by Thomas Harris. If you like watching fucked up shit (Kara), you should really watch this show. I’m really getting into it.

nothing-here-is-vegetarianAnd that seems like the perfect note on which to leave things. Have a nice weekend, bitches.


6 thoughts on “No-pants November, days 4-25 and some minutiae

  1. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. I was thinking I would be glad because I could make food I could eat. Tonight I’m realizing that it means I’m pretty much doing EVERYTHING. Fuuuuuuuck. And my pie crusts look like fucking puzzles. Rebel that I am, I’ve worn pants every single day this month. #contrarian

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