Weekly running and beer wrap-up: the turkey trots

Last week was an exceptional week for me. I ran a whole half marathon!



Running the distance over several days doesn’t count? Fuck.

So there is really nothing worth mentioning about last week (BUT I AM STILL MENTIONING BECAUSE I HAVE A BLOG!), except that I thought I was going to be really sore after the 5k Thursday (ran hard, didn’t stretch, immediately jumped into a hot shower) and I wasn’t. I felt surprisingly good on Friday morning and managed a nice little recovery run on the treadmill. And Saturday I did a rather punishing hill workout, treadmill level 10. The weather was gorgeous on Sunday and we took the kids on a nature walk.

2014-11-30 11.32.48

A week of big beers

Four beers last week. The Green Bullet was far and away the best beer I had all month and at 10% ABV, packed a hell of a buzz. The Founder’s Dirty Bastard is an 8.5% Scotch Ale, sticky sweet, but boozy enough that you don’t feel like you’re drinking molasses. I’ve had it before but didn’t remember being so pleasant. After that I had a Harpoon iPA that I didn’t remember at all. (Not that it was a BAD beer, but the Dirty Bastard annihilated my taste buds.) And the Ommegang Three Philosophers is a Belgian quad, 9.7%. It’s an impressive beer, but I really don’t like quads enough to justify the price. I’d rather spend the almost $0.25/oz on an imperial stout or IPA. (Update 12/4/14: I was back in the beer aisle this week and noticed the Three Philosophers is not $2.99 as I originally thought. It’s $4.49! So like, $.37/oz? I can’t afford my rock and roll lifestyle.)

What’s next

I’m going to try to run five miles! #sobrave


3 thoughts on “Weekly running and beer wrap-up: the turkey trots

  1. I say it counts and I didn’t even know the treadmill goes to ten so you’re my hero. Five miles might as well be a marathon right now so you go you #motherrunner you!

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