Birthday funsies

So I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on running and beer and probably a little bit more complaining about sleep, but today my blog is dedicated to my eldest daughter who just turned three. THREE.

This was the first year we threw her an actual, real birthday party. Last year we just had a very small family party and the year before that it was just a bunch of grownups sitting around drinking beer and eating cupcakes, so Year Three was a pretty big deal.


We started the day off with presents. Good god, the presents. This kid is going to be absolutely rotten. For some weird reason, Kenzie’s aunt and grandparents think she hung the moon and they love to give her all kinds of presents.

She got an incredible set of building blocks, some Frozen stuff including books, action figures (is that what you call them?) and an Elsa dress (which she has now been wearing for three days straight) and a whole bunch of art supplies to go with the easel that her dad and I bought her.

little painter

As you can see we are running out of room in our house for all her shit.

little engineer

Gender neutral building blocks and a sparkly pink purse.

After she worked up a sufficient appetite from all the building and painting and mess-making, her ladyship was served a feast of chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancakes.

mickey mouse pancakes are the shiznit

But no whipped cream because we’re awful parents.

After the baby’s nap, we all drove to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum which is one of the dopest places on Earth for kids and adults alike. (We took her there on her birthday last year too!)

Since Kenzie no longer naps, we had no time constraints and we spent several hours at the museum checking out the ACTUAL EXHIBITS instead of just hauling ass to the playscape and carousel.


Told you, Elsa dress.

elsa at the museum

Actual Exhibits.

She had such a good time, she passed out cold on the way home which is our worst nightmare these days because we’ve found if she naps for even 15 minutes, she won’t go to bed at night.


That face though.

Day Number 2 of Birthday Number 3 began with the scarfing of more pancakes before we loaded everybody in the car (to the tune of the toddler’s impassioned screams because we cruelly forced her to put on a jacket over her sundress so she wouldn’t freeze to death in the 30 degree temps) and drove to this bouncy place for her birthday party.

all i really want is girls

Little girls in socks! Can you literally not even??


Sundress with pants because FASHION.

Oh, and there was cake.

blurry frozen cake

Out-of-focus Frozen cake with the ‘3’ already removed because again, awful parents.

And just like that, I have a three year old.

a lot of feelings

Oh, and just so nobody thinks we re-homed the baby:

Luckily, she had no idea it wasn't her birthday.

Luckily, she had no idea it wasn’t her birthday.


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