a night in the life and another lackluster week of running and beer

So my days aren’t really that extraordinary. We do kid stuff, eat food, sometimes there is hygiene. But I thought I’d do a “night in the life” post because nights have been hard and I’d like some recognition for that. And I gotta hand it to you working parents out there. I cannot IMAGINE having to go into an office and work all day after a night like the one we just had.

Some of these times are approximations because it’s all a little hazy, but I do distinctly remember that I saw every hour on the clock so I think I’m still somewhat of a reliable narrator.

7:30 Both kids are in bed.

10:25 Lights out for me.

11:00 Codie wakes up. The routine is: wait a few minutes to see if she’ll go back to sleep on her own, then when she (most often) doesn’t, I jump out of bed and rush down the hall to get her before she starts really crying and wakes the toddler up.

12:00 Codie’s up again.

12:24 (I know this exact time because I took a picture) I wake up because the hall light is on and find Kenzie passed out in the doorway. She’s been doing this lately. Sometimes she wakes us up, but sometimes we just find her out there sleeping. It’s kind of sad!

Is this the saddest thing you've ever seen?

1:25 Codie’s up again. This time she’s wide awake and it takes me an HOUR to get her back to sleep.

3:15ish? I hear Codie murmuring through the monitor but this time she actually goes back to sleep on her own.

4:25 Codie’s up again. I have to go in there but she goes right back to sleep.

5:56 Codie’s up again. I nurse/rock for about 15 minutes and she goes back to sleep.

6:46 Kenzie’s up and in the hallway again. I pull her into bed with me and sort of half-sleep while she watches a cartoon.

7:25 Codie’s up again and we’re all up for the day.

But heeeey, it’s fine! Now that I have adjusted my expectations, I am no longer shocked and dismayed when I don’t sleep. I’ve simply redefined how much “sleep” is in a “night.” Positive vibes!


Fuck positive vibes


I took some extra days off last week due to sheer exhaustion, but ended up with the same mileage because I skipped cycling and weights. My legs felt pretty sluggish on Sunday’s run (I couldn’t get under 10:00 to save my life), and my knees kind of ached on Monday. It was a helpful reminder that I am still overweight and out of shape.



Some good stuff! Another Green Bullet. Damn, I can’t get enough of that stuff. A Schlafly English Export IPA which I was hesitant to purchase, but turned out to be pretty decent. If you like IPAs but don’t like to get socked in the face with obnoxious amounts of hops, you might like this style. A coffee stout, which tasted like coffee stout. I’d drink it again. And Upland Dragonfly, which I haven’t had in ages and tasted better than I remember.

This week: The plan is a little less running and a little more cross-training. And sleep. Please dear Cthulhu, I need some sleep.


6 thoughts on “a night in the life and another lackluster week of running and beer

  1. One day when you have time and have slept for more than an hour at a time, can you teach me to like beer? Or I guess I mean appreciate beer. I like it, but I don’t love it, and I go for wine every time if I have a choice. What am I doing wrong?

  2. That sounds kinda like my nights but with one kid and not getting out of bed because he’s right next to me. Add in some kicks to the face and it’ll be more accurate. As for how I function through the day coffee helps.

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