weekly running and beer wrap-up: ebolarama continues

So last week the plan was to relax on the running in favor of a little more conditioning after a few “run-heavy” days (in quotes because, yeah) left my knees feeling a bit weak. It ended up being A LOT relaxed when the end of the week fell apart in the wake of MORE family illness.

My husband was sick a couple of weeks ago and his main complaint was the worst sore throat he’d ever had in his life. Thursday morning, I woke up with that sore throat (which I still have, but with ZERO other symptoms…weird), and Friday night Kenzie threw up three times, which was traumatic for her (and for me) but seems to have been an isolated incident. No fever, no further symptoms. I have no idea if all these things are related, but we all laid low for the weekend.

The baby is fine.

You people sure get sick a lot.

You people get sick a lot.


I couldn’t do much of it with the sore throat. I really can’t emphasize enough how much it hurts! It is a really sharp, persistent pain that gets worse with thirst/dryness, and doesn’t improve in the slightest with the normal remedies like hot tea, honey and lozenges. Strong beer actually helps a little but only while I am drinking it.



Six! Wishing I’d had one on Wednesday to make it a full seven but I think we had trouble getting the kids to bed that night or something. Front runner: A three-way tie between the milk stout, the 2X and the Centennial. I took a chance on the Christmas ale, and it wasn’t awful, but I wasn’t a big fan of the spices.


I’m hoping to get out for a run this afternoon, sore throat be damned.


4 thoughts on “weekly running and beer wrap-up: ebolarama continues

    • Matt tested negative for it when he was sick but it’s always possible! I used to get it all the time as a kid but I haven’t had since I had my toncils removed.

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