what I’ve been up to whilst not blogging

Yeah, so apparently some blogger guy I’ve never heard of quit the internet this week, and he was so important that his departure sounded the official death knell for blogging (even though we all know blogging ACTUALLY bought the farm like two years ago).

It was a helpful reminder to me that I haven’t blogged in a while and I really need to check in with you guys and also make sure I don’t pay for another year of hosting.

bloggingI’ll probably try to import my shit back to the free WordPress domain, but while the ads are still running, please reread my post on the differences between bloggers and journalists. Of which I am currently neither. And tell your friends.

get money

So. I haven’t been blogging because I just really don’t fucking feel like it. But I promise you, I have absolutely been living! (You win a Dixie cup of Franzia if you got that reference.) Running is going pretty well. The kids are fantastic. Cute, funny. Fucking brilliant. My husband is Captain Awesome. He gets me. And he’s bonerific. I’m reading more. Volunteering. I got a new, fun haircut and at my last dental appointment, I had no cavities. Also, my latest post on Instagram got more than 20 LURBS, so I guess you could say I’m livin’ the dream…



I’ve been doing about 10-12 miles a week, but I can’t for the life of me summon the motivation to keep track of my workouts. I run outside sometimes, and other times I run on the treadmill at the gym. I had ONE run that averaged under a 9:00 pace (8:50), but I mostly average in the 9:30s, and I rarely run more than three miles. I’m happy. I’m comfortable. I’m still 15 pounds overweight but I’m feeling better about it every day.

I did sign up for a marathon. (WHAT THE FUCK?!!1!11!) It was new year’s day and there was a sale and it turns out I’m not the only one. But it’s not for nine more months so I have plenty of time to get into shape or drop down to the half (and make it seem like I’m somehow still a badass).

Other workouts!

I fucked up my rotator cuff (overzealous dumbbell chest fly) so I can’t do ANY kind of cross-training, strength work, conditioning or weight-lifting. Seriously. I can barely crack open a beer. It’s excruciating. I sprained the living shit out of my ankle once, and that was worse, but only by a tiny margin. I have an appointment with a sports physician next week though, and I’m hoping he can just saw the fucking thing off, replace it with a bionic arm and we can move on. It seriously hurts so bad like, every time I move. Today I was pressing the lid onto a Tupperware container and it touched a nerve or something and the pain exploded all through me.



I finished Assassination Vacation. Then I read Baby-led Weaning, Bright-Sided, and now I’m devouring a for-funsies novel by Daniel Silva, The Kill Artist. I read several of his spy novels last year out of chronological order (it didn’t mess them up too much), but now I’m starting from the beginning. They are fantastic, easy-to-read thrillers and so much fun. (And apparently a spy film franchise is in the works.) I also read a 50-pager on potty training but I don’t think that counts.


We watched the fuck out of Hannibal and True Detective, and now we’re watching a bunch of depressing documentaries (Hot Coffee, Talhotblond, The Bridge, Dear Zachary) until Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead start up. True Detective is now EASILY in my top 5 TV series of all time. (1. Breaking Bad 2. Six Feet Under. 3. Dexter (until it started sucking) 4. Boardwalk Empire.


Yes, always. And too many to name. But friend me on Untappd! if you seriously care.

I guess that’s about it.

So what’s been up with you guys lately? 


16 thoughts on “what I’ve been up to whilst not blogging

  1. What? The blog is dead? dang.
    I have never had the time to make mine anything more then a place to talk about myself.
    And run.
    Oh I hate being hurt. Luckily I don’t lift weights. hehehe

  2. 1 of 2 blogs I enjoy reading in my feedly, and I comment on. (With a new 3 month old, I’m giving myself a gold fucking star).

    Also; I may now have to start true detective. Damnit.

  3. I hate pain. That sucks! Hopefully it gets better soon. I’ve been working and hating it and regretting not marrying rich so I could stay home. That sums things up for me.

    • I’m a super fast reader. Some people need to be trained how to do this but I can do it naturally! I also ignore my children which is a big part of my parenting philosophy. Children can be so needy and we really don’t want to enable them.

  4. Sorry about your injury. Hang in there!

    I’m really into The Americans. We’re looking forward to Better Call Saul because we loved Breaking Bad so much (the Super Bowl commercial with Walter White got cheers from us – but don’t remember what they were advertising).

    • I loved it too! No idea what it was for either. #marketingfail
      Shoulders okay. Just inflamed, so ice and PT exercises. I’m just glad it’s not my leg and I can still run!

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