Rampage Run trail 3.5ish

Saturday morning I did the Rampage Run at a park near my house. This was the first year for this race so it was a rather small field, but it was a welcome departure from that clusterfuck of a beer run I did two weeks ago.

I placed fourth female (out of 13) and 16th overall (out of 32), but they mistakenly announced me as the third place female after the race, so my sincerest apologies to the actual third place female who was cheated out of this sweet medal.

winner winner

And also the third place male.

You got your pick of three courses (novice, intermediate, expert). I chose the intermediate course which turned out to be the longest, 3.55 miles.

I’ve taken my kids to this park hundreds of times and walked all the trails, so the course was pretty familiar. The one thing I didn’t anticipate was the 18 degree temperature at start time.


Look, frost!

The race was extremely well organized and staffed, and the course was so well marked that there was absolutely no possibility of getting lost or taking a wrong turn. (Of course one dude after the race was still bitching about taking a wrong turn.)

The race started about 15 minutes late because the organizers were out on the trails breaking up some of the ice. (In MARCH. Seriously, fuck this place.) We started and finished across a frozen muddy field, which made for some difficult terrain, but on the trails, the ground was dry and the course I ran didn’t have any mud or slick spots. We ran two loops over mostly packed dirt and one short stretch of paved road.

I can't feel my face.

I can’t feel my face!

Anyway, so my clock time was 34:53 – about a 9:50 pace – which I guess isn’t too shabby for a trail race, but I FELT like I was running 8:30s out there.

I hung around after the finish and had some hot chocolate. They didn’t waste any time getting to the awards because everyone was freezing their balls off.


Looks sunny but I swear it was really cold.

I don’t have any other races scheduled until the marathon in November, so right now I’m just base-building. I’m barely reaching 20 miles a week and I hope to be consistently running 25-30 by July/August when training starts for real. Today I ran 7 miles for the first time since Codie was born and averaged about a 9:10 pace. It was really windy and cold but the previous day’s fueling of pizza and popcorn and whisky and beer must have really helped me power through it.


You too can fuel like a pro.



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