Stay classy, Indiana!

I usually don’t talk about political shit here, but I’m making an exception today. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming of babies, running and beer tomorrow! 

I was going to write my own scathing editorial about Indiana’s RFRA and Governor Mike Pence, but The Indianapolis Star, the Indianapolis City Council and Indianapolis Mayor Greg BallardNCAA president Mark EmmertGenCon, George Takei, Wilco, Nick Offerman, SNL, Funny or Die, and the CEOs of some of Indiana’s largest employers all beat me to it, and they probably said it better than I could anyway.

Instead I thought we could take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of the other horrible things Indiana has done!

January 2011. Local TV news reporter holds homeless talent competition. We even made The Daily Show for this one.

April 2011. Indiana tries (and ultimately fails) to defund Planned Parenthood. (Remember this one, it’ll become relevant again in 2015.)

October 2012. Indiana’s Richard Mourdock explains how ‘rape is something God intended.’

July 2013. After the Boy Scouts of America officially lift their ban on gay youth, an Indy church ends their sponsorship of a local scout troop.

February 2014. Indiana tries to ban gay marriage, (That legislation was eventually struck down by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals).

March 2015. Indiana Governor Mike Pence signs the RFRA while hiding in the crawl space under his office.

The very next day. Indiana Governor Mike Pence announces an AIDS epidemic in rural Indiana. (In an area, it should be noted, that has not had an HIV testing center since 2011, when five of the state’s Planned Parenthood facilities were forced to close because of cuts to public health funding due in large part to that 2011 state war on Planned Parenthood.)

Oh, and you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays.

What are some of the stupidest worst things YOUR state and/or country has done? Arizona and Florida, we want to hear from you!



29 thoughts on “Stay classy, Indiana!

  1. Wisconsin is pretty good at sucking as well. Our piece of shit governor hates women and thinks we should be paid less. He keeps trying to defund planned parenthood and all other women’s health initiatives. I’m actually shocked and terrified that he hasn’t tried to pass an RFRA here.

    • Ah, yes! It was in that same 7th circuit court decision that both Indiana and Wisconsin’s gay marriage bans were struck down. Besties!

  2. The (normally great) state of Iowa is responsible for Joni Ernst. Also, Michelle Bachmann.
    Thankfully, you can buy liquor any day of the week.

  3. Ugh I feel your pain. I’m from Virginia…home of Ken Cuccinelli so take your pick. Oh and the transvaginal ultrasound thing the former governor Bob McDonnell (currently in prison for fraud) tried to implement a few years ago was pretty bad.

  4. Well, not to be a dick but I’m from Ontario, Canada. No matter how bad things sometimes get around here (and our prime minister is a premium douche-canoe), at least they tend not to be as bad as they are down south.

  5. I am from North Dakota… that should be all you need. Last year they tried to pass a measure, Measure 1, that would protect the right to life “at every stage of development”. Thankfully it didn’t pass but it would have not only effectively ended fertility treatment in ND but also caused an issue with the ability to end life support for loved ones. It was a shameful time.

  6. Funny how these awful politicians are OBSESSED with homosexuality but they completely ignore the “sin” of infidelity. Hmm. Strange how GOP legislators don’t take a stong stance on that one.

  7. I’m fairly happy with Oregon. Portland is pretty liberal and our new Governor is actually the first bisexual female in office, so that’s cool. Our politicians tend to be dogs though, sex scandals etc.

  8. So, given that I live in Chicago, I have quite a few friends/family members/co-workers/enemies who willingly choose to live in NW Indiana because of lower taxes. (Most or all commute to jobs in IL – does that say something about employment rates in IN?) And whenever stuff like this happens – and other stuff, like their roads aren’t plowed after a blizzard – I just want to be like, how are those lower taxes working out for you? As I sit smugly in Chicago, buying ALL THE ALCOHOL on Sunday and driving on my plowed roads and planning my gay wedding. AND owning a gun, which I can do in Chicago now. But I can’t carry it, so there’s that. And, like, our city and state’s debt is crazy high and all of our politicians just go straight to jail during or after their term ends and you can’t swing a dead cat in Chicago without getting shot by a gang member.

  9. Why do you live there?

    I was born and raised and currently live in the hot-bed of liberalism. Stupid shit happens on this end of the spectrum, too. But the stupid shit tends to not be super bigoted or anti-gay.

    • We moved here for a job…Not everything here is bad. it’s very lovely outdoors (for two weeks a year) and there’s a nice art and music scene. The governor’s an anomaly…he’s inbred.

      Not everyone is lucky enough to live in California, B!

  10. We voted in Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor. Twice.

    Our voters banned gay marriage twice (proposition 22 in 2000 and proposition 8 in 2008). We passed an imitative to curtail bilingual education written by someone with no educational background (prop 207), affirmative action (prop 209), and restricted basic human rights for undocumented immigrants (prop 187). At least the circuit courts reversed some of these or put an injunction on enacting some of the worst parts.

    Oh and a bunch of people are not taking the drought seriously.

    • Okay, please erase that or let me edit! I can’t believe I wrote know instead of no!!!

      And I forgot to say that my state is California. Super liberal on the coasts but it’s a different state politically as you get into Orange County, some parts of San Diego and most of the inland/kinda rural areas.

      • Hahaha, totally thought you did that on purpose. Just…know. It’s nice to know even Cali is stupid sometimes

  11. I’m originally from New York, and they just implemented the worst ever teacher evaluation policy – don’t even get me started. And Maryland drivers suck in the snow.

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