Carbs are the path to the dark side

So in my last post I mentioned that I had gone halfass paleo and so I thought I owed you an explanation about that. I still drink beer, and I haven’t started doing crossfit or reading Ayn Rand so you can relax. I should also mention that I really don’t even know what paleo means, except that I guess it probably has something to do with cavemen. And like, macros?

Anyway, what we decided to do what stop eating so damn much bread and pasta and donuts and that’s pretty much it. But PALEO is so much trendier and page-viewy, you guys.

Here’s the back story. Right after Codie was born, I lost about half the weight I’d gained (pretty much water, baby and placenta) and then stopped. And then I actually GAINED some weight. I mean yeah, I was eating donuts every day but WHAT THE FUCK. Who gains weight AFTER the baby comes out? When Kenzie was born, losing the weight was easy. I breastfed, I ran, I ate food like it was my fucking job and somehow I still lost weight. So naturally I thought the same thing would happen after Codie was born, despite hearing some lunatic shit about the weight being harder to drop after the second baby. Not MY special snowflake body.

Then my husband and I watched a documentary called Fat Head. It was sort of a counter/follow-up to Super Size Me where this asshole proves than you can eat nothing but fast food and LOSE weight. He was really sarcastic and condescending and shitty, and probably a libertarian. But what he said was accurate. All carbs do in your body is turn into sugar. And sugar is what causes obesity, diabetes and heart disease. (More about this here.) It was obvious, but it was kind of the impetus we needed to start eating better.

So we started doing that. No bread, no pasta, no rice or potatoes. Fewer sugary treats. But I eat all the meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and cheese that I want. And I still drink a beer every night. Because I like to drink my carbs. And it is working. I’ve lost 5 or 6 pounds and I’d like to lose about 5 or 6 more. (My husband, seemingly effortlessly, has immediately lost 10 pounds. Rude.)

As far as running goes, I think it has affected my speed a little bit, but not much (meaning, I’d be almost as mediocre regardless). I do make sure to fuel properly with carbs and electrolytes on the days that I do longer runs. I’m not so strict that I am willing to sacrifice energy for the sake of losing weight. And when I do start seriously marathon training this summer, I’m going to go back to loading up on bread and pasta.

TL;DR, less sugar, more meaty salads. Still beer.



4 thoughts on “Carbs are the path to the dark side

  1. Going carb-heavy when endurance training isn’t mandatory or even necessarily the most effective way to fuel. I found getting adequate protein was the most critical thing. But what do I know? I’m just a blogger.

    Glad it’s working out for you…and that you’re keeping your beer 🙂

  2. I’ve gained about 10lbs since I stopped marathon training (I miss the constant eating, but the not running) and I’ve seriously thought about switching to this kind of diet. My biggest downfall is wine. Oh wine, how I love you. I’ve tried to cut out half of the carbs (bread, pasta, rice) and eat more protein, but it’s hard when I live with such carb-lovers.

    So, basically – I love carbs and they are hard to give up.

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