blog fuckery

So I only made one mistake when moving my blog back over to the free wordpress domain, but it was a big, stupid one: I didn’t keep the domain so all the internal links did not carry over. I didn’t really think it through, you guys.

I can’t decide how annoyed I am by this. On the one hand, how many people click your old internal links anyway, but on the other hand, it was a lazy, cheap move and for like 20 bucks a year it would not have broken me to keep the domain.

I did go fix all the broken links on my food and race pages because there are a lot of them and I think people actually look at those pages (and I use them myself). As far as the rest of the blog, maybe some day when I’m bored I’ll go through and fix a few links, but probably not. I wish there were a way to batch-fix them via spreadsheet instead of going through post by post and manually fixing them one at a time. If anyone knows how to make that happen, TELL ME.

The other thing that happened is that I’ve lost a bunch of photos. The missing images are not in my media library so I can’t just fix the image name like I did with the links. It may just be a space issue as I am currently at about 80% of my upload limit with WP. Again, half of me is really annoyed and the other half is like, ehhh, fuck it.

Last, I hate this blog theme but I can’t find the one I was using before. Any suggestions?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by this even more of a piece of shit blog than it was two weeks ago and have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “blog fuckery

  1. I downloaded all of my photos from my host server, but I’ll probably only re-add them to posts that still get any traffic. And I downloaded them to my work computer, so I hope they don’t fire me anytime soon. (My personal computer is like 10 years old.)

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