Palm fronds and sea urchins lead to bloodbath at area Target

So I posted in a Facebook group yesterday about the #LillyForTarget clusterfuck and the resulting comments inspired this blog post:

lilly fug

I’m probably more amazed and dumbfounded by this story than I should be because I don’t Black Friday shop, I don’t camp out for movie tickets, and I have never stood in line to be among the first to shop a new clothing line. I can’t really think of anything that’s worth all that effort.

I have waited in front of my computer for some concert tickets to go on sale, but that’s about it. Also, you HAVE to check in 24 hours in advance to get in the A boarding group on a Southwest flight. Because sitting by the lavatory sucks.

Also here’s that post I wrote four years ago that briefly mentions Lilly Pulitzer because desperation.

What are you willing to camp out/wait in line for at absurdly early hours of the morning? Would you cut a bitch for a lime green jumpsuit emblazoned with palm fronds? 


4 thoughts on “Palm fronds and sea urchins lead to bloodbath at area Target

  1. I don’t wear pastels, I’m not southern, and I’m not in a sorority, so this designer is lost on me. I also don’t like to wait for stuff. Given where I live that often means there are certain “hip” restaurants and bars that I just don’t go to, or I wait until they’ve been around long enough that everyone moved on.

  2. I would look so horrible in most Lilly Pulitzer clothes because I’m super pale and neon yellow and green make me look jaundiced #Lillyforhepaticfailure

  3. The only time I ever waited in a crazy long, wrap-around-the-block kind of line was when I decided to try out for American Gladiators. I could do pull-ups back then so thought I had a shot. Not worth it.

    I wouldn’t line up for hours or get up early to buy something. Too much effort. And I totally don’t get Lilly Pulitzer. Those FB comments really resonate with me.

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