Update on the minion and then some running minutiae


First of all, kiddo is recovering from her mystery illness. She hasn’t had a fever since very early Saturday morning and although she’s been uncharacteristically clingy, she seems pretty much back to normal. She’s back to taking good naps and almost almost sleeping through the night (usually up at 12 or 1 and again at 4 or 5). We probably won’t know exactly what she had beyond “some kind of viral infection.” Nothing bacterial has showed up in her testing.

We’ve been watching Kenzie for fever but she seems fine too. In fact, her energy is boundless. I’m terribly eager for warmer days so I can get her outside and wear her out. I feel like it’s my fault when she still has too much energy at the end of the day and won’t go to bed. (Although really it’s Indiana’s fault for still being cold outside IN FUCKING APRIL.) She won’t go to sleep until almost 9 most nights, and she’s up as early as 6. Sometimes I can get her to go back to sleep in bed with me, but sometimes I can’t. But I’m pretty good at functioning on not much sleep. Coffee helps.

Sunday I did my first double-digit in almost two years. (The last one was the trail half marathon I did September 2013, still my favorite race of all time!)


I’m pretty proud of this. Especially considering my 8.5 mile run a few weeks back averaged in the 9:40s.

But I still didn’t even hit 20 miles for the week, and I was pretty sore the following day. My knees felt wonky, my ankles were creaking and I felt a familiar twinge in my right shin. I’ve resumed a strength routine but Sunday’s run –though I felt great while doing it– made it clear I’ll need to take the strength work a lot more seriously if I really want to run a marathon. And that is pretty much THE recurring theme of my blog.

The rest of the month…

April 25 – 3.1
April 23 – 5
April 21 – 4.1
April 19 – 3 (outside) + 5 (treadmill)

April 16 – 3.3
April 15 – 2
April 14 – 4

April 11 – 6.5
April 9 – 3.12
April 8 – 3.36
April 7 – 4.5
April 5 – 8.5

April 3 – 3.1
April 1 – 2.76
March 31 – 3.72
March 29 – 7.23

Final thoughts…

I’m really enjoying running right now. The weather is FINALLY nice and I’m optimistic about my recent improvements, but I’m nervous about marathon training. I think I only signed up for this race because I’m so embarrassed about how poorly I did in my first one, and I want revenge. That’s probably a dumb reason to sign up for a marathon. I LOVE running, but if I were smarter, I’d use this year to train for and PR in a 10k or half marathon instead of putting all this effort into training for a distance that I will most likely suck at regardless. But, MARATHONNNNN.

What’s your best and worst distance? Ever run a revenge race? 

3 thoughts on “Update on the minion and then some running minutiae

  1. Revenge is a perfectly fine reason to sign up to do a race. I’m not sure about it for other things, but I won’t judge.

    Glad Codie is feeling better. I’d never heard of febrile seizures until a few months ago when a former co-worker was telling me about how his toddler had them. That was enough to scare me.

    It’s hot here. Do you want me to send some of that heat over?

  2. Glad Codie is improving. Viral infections with associated febrile seizures are surprisingly common – but that doesn’t make them any less terrifying!
    My best distance is by far (pun intended) the marathon. And my worst is the 5k. I’m even a better MILER than 5k runner. What’s wrong with me?

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