the week in kids, running, ribs and barf

So in my last post, the baby was recovering from her mystery illness and I’d just completed a 10 mile run. Since then, the toddler acquired and then recovered from the mystery illness, she ran her first race, we all celebrated Mother’s Day, I had a couple of decent runs (and a couple shitty ones), and the baby cut another tooth and had a random barfing incident (she’s fine now).


If I were a good blogger, each of these topics would have its own eloquently funny blog post but since I suck, I’ll cram everything into one long rambling mess and pretend like you’ll read it all the way through to the end.


And I’ll intersperse it with Woody Harrelson GIFs because why the fuck not.

So most of my runs have not been terribly noteworthy. I’m mostly working on base building and trying to do one long run and one speedish-type workout a week, and one or two days of cycling and/or weight training.

Sunday 5/10 – 7.7
Monday 5/11 – cycling/weights
Tuesday 5/12 – 3.8
Wednesday 5/13 – 3
Thursday 5/14 – cycling
Today – I haven’t decided yet

On Mother’s Day, I planned to do 10 miles, a number I plucked arbitrarily out of thin air because it sounded good. However, I was out of fuel gels and only made it to 7.7 before I quit. (As a sidenote, I have thought about subbing my daughter’s apple sauce pouches for gels but apple sauce makes me want to barf.)


And the consistency of apple sauce itself is not unlike barf.

My splits sucked ass.


On Tuesday I did just under four miles outside alternating half miles faster and slower and averaged 8:28, which is considerably faster than my normal 3-4 mile runs. Against my better judgment, I ran again on Wednesday. That run was somewhere in the high 9:XXs. My quads were trashed and they were all like:

giphy (4)

But I was all like:


I just really wanted to use this GIF.

My half marathon PR is 1:58, which is kind of my benchmark for what I think I’m capable of. Obviously, I’m still a ways off. (I’m nowhere near ready to talk about marathon goals yet.)

Wednesday I ran with Codie in the stroller which is not really worth mentioning except that lugging the stroller on my runs is kind of novel again and for the present, I actually enjoy it.

giphy (6)

Saturday, Kenzie did the 500 Festival Rookie Run! It’s part of this whole Kids Day thing with activities and junk food and races for all ages. She’d been telling us since my last race that she wanted to do one too, and she always wants to race everywhere, so this was the perfect opportunity. I don’t want to push her into running, but I have to admit I was thrilled and proud when she brought it up on her own.

giphy (7)

Then she got sick. She had two nights of high fevers and the second night she barfed. She couldn’t stop shaking and we sat on the floor of the bathroom for an hour just hugging. It was really special and awful.

The third night, Thursday night, she coughed all night and we decided running was out of the question. But on Friday she actually seemed a lot better. She slept all night without any coughing fits so we decided to head downtown for the festivities and even if she didn’t run, at least there would be junk food.

giphy (2)

The kids’ races were organized a lot like grown-up races, which made sense from a logistical standpoint because there was no confusion or safety concerns, but it was also just really adorable. The 3 year olds ran a two block out-and-back race with a viewing area for parents along one side (although we were also permitted to run with our kids). The kids were released in waves to prevent utter chaos and gridlock. And she didn’t need to stretch or warmup because she never really stops moving.


Kenzie initially wanted me to stay with her, but at the start she just took off running so I hung back and watched and was ready for the photo ops as she headed back toward the finish.

2015-05-09 10.38.06

2015-05-09 10.38.08

passing kids


At the finish, they ran through the chute and collected a medal, bottled water, apple sauce pouch and fruit cup.

2015-05-09 10.40.07

Seriously though, where are the Twinkies?

Then they continued to an area with a backdrop for photos.

2015-05-09 10.42.16


Mother’s day was pretty low key. We don’t have family here so we don’t do a big fancy brunch or anything like that. My husband asked what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted to go for a long run early and then eat ribs.

We both slept like shit though (a toddler who shall remain nameless has been sleeping in our bed recently), so I ended up running mid-morning. Husband fired up the grill around noon and we had the ribs for dinner on the patio.



We did remember to do a nice Mother’s Day photo of me and the spawns. I’m always the one taking the pictures so it was fun to get one of me and both girls. We even sort of wore the same colors, a feat we couldn’t even pull off that one time we had actual professional photos taken back in 2014.

2015-05-10 12.57.17

After Mother’s Day, we had a few days of harmony and quietude before the baby started waking up every two hours again. It all made sense when I found a new tiny tooth. Teething, you guys. Seriously. Fuck.

giphy (1)

Then on Wednesday night she slept straight through until 3 a.m., which is as good as through the night for us. She did make a little noise around 9:30 that evening before we went to bed, kind of a grunt and a cough and then silence. I didn’t think much of it because she didn’t wake up or cry at all. But when I went into her room at 3 I found the baby and the whole crib covered in barf.

You guys, I don’t even have a GIF for this part because it makes me so sad to think about it. She was saying mama, mama with the most confused look on her face. I changed the sheets and changed her clothes and nursed her back to sleep and she seemed completely fine the next day but now (just like when that horrible fever thing happened), every time she coughs or snorts in the night I’m going to think she’s barfing and I’m going to run in there. Probably nothing will be wrong but I won’t be able to sleep or live with myself until I know for sure.


Plans for the future include stocking up on fuel gels, getting in that 10 mile run that didn’t happen and with any hope, keeping the kids healthy and maybe even sleeping through the night without a toddler in my bed.

Fat chance.

Fat chance.


4 thoughts on “the week in kids, running, ribs and barf

  1. Ribs are my favorite. How many did you eat?
    Your story about waking to the baby in the crib covered in throw up is just about the saddest thing. I’ve lived that scenario 😦 And Kenzie is just about the cutest little runner!

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