I did parenting all by myself, somebody pay me

What’s up, bitches!

2015-05-21 13.14.58

I can’t even remember the last time I blogged so I’ll just spew a bunch of shit at you and you can feel free to glaze over the boring bits or just look at the pictures or whatever.


Husband was out of town on a dudes’ weekend Thursday-Monday so I was the solo parent and I think I actually did a pretty good job. Nobody had to go to the emergency room, we only ate garbage for a couple of meals and only a few things got peed on. #MOMOFTHEYEAR

I will say that it kind of irks me when people are like, “OH PROPS TO ALL YOU SINGLE MOMS, MY HUSBAND WENT OUT OF TOWN ONCE SO I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT THAT’S LIKE.” So before we even get started, I’ll check my privilege and acknowledge that I have no idea what it’s like to be a single mom and I am incredibly grateful to be part of a two-parent household. My partner is a badass motherfucker.

giphy (1)

So yeah, wrangling two kids for four days by myself was a challenge. The hardest part for me was constantly feeling like there wasn’t enough of me to go around. When both girls wanted to be held at the same time. When they bumped heads and both started crying. When Kenzie’s bike started to topple over and I was frantically trying to hit the brake on the stroller so I could go catch her. Baths and bedtimes were also a bit of a clusterfuck. But I ended up having a really nice bonding weekend with my girls and feel like I learned some things about myself as well. (Okay, that learning things part was bullshit but it sounded good, right?)

Thursday morning I led a strollerfit class for my playgroup. I KNOW. I’m in no way qualified to do this. I can’t even do level 1 of The Shred. But I have a hard time saying no to stuff. Also, I agreed to do it before I realized husband would be gone. I’d planned to let Kenzie stay home with him since I don’t have a double stroller and at this age she generally abhors being harnessed anyway.


But I ended up using the YMCA’s drop-off childcare for Codie because I thought Kenzie might feel rejected if I dropped her off and not her sister. (And Codie is still too young to resent me). Sidenote: our Y’s childcare is great. It’s free with our membership when we’re there working out, but they also have a drop-off option that’s 5 bucks an hour per kid. We don’t use it that often but it’s fantastic to have it when we need it.

Kenzie really liked the idea of getting to go somewhere without her baby sister and told me, “mommy I like it when you drop Codie off.”


Thursday afternoon I took both kids back to the gym so I could go for a run (yeah I used childcare twice in the same day, sue me) and afterward I took them to the Y’s indoor play area and we played and ate sandwiches there. I let them stay extra long because I was dreading going home for bathtime and bed. But it actually ended up going really well. Both girls were uncharacteristically cooperative about going to bed so maybe I’m onto something with this letting someone else entertain my kids all the time.

Friday I met a mom friend at a park and our kids played together and we ate a picnic lunch, and in the afternoon I took Kenzie swimming at the Y. Kenzie swims really well with a life vest on, but I was still hesitant to take both kids in the pool by myself so Codie “got” to go to childcare again. Pleasant surprise: a mom I sort of know was in the pool with her daughter too and our girls played together the whole time so I hardly had to parent at all.

We hit a rough patch Friday evening when Kenzie threw a fit and refused to take a bath. I ended up coaxing her into the tub by offering to get in there with her. So all three of us took a bath together. It was fun but I probably never want to do it again. It felt too much like trying to swim with both kids and the baby is just real slippery and hard to hold on to.

Saturday morning, I had the kids out the door by 8:30 and I ran 5 miles before heading out to another park with another mom and toddler friend for lunch and some hiking. This park is on the banks of the White River and even though the water was a little too high for wading, we ended up finding a perfect little creek where the girls could splash around free from the perils of drowning.

2015-05-23 12.54.55

Look at us all not drowning.

2015-05-23 12.54.38 2015-05-23 12.51.32

I thought the kids would be exhausted by bedtime, but they both gave me crap that night and Kenzie didn’t go to sleep until 9:30. I decided just to roll with it and let them stay up late because fuck it.


Sunday Codie took a long nap in the morning while Kenzie and I built forts in the living room. In the afternoon, I took both kids out and was able to run about 3.5 miles with Codie in the stroller and Kenzie on her bike.

2015-05-24 12.20.08


Running sidenote? My only other notable run was on Wednesday. I was fresh off of a two-day break and I did 6.5 in 56:30 (8:40 average), which I think is a post-Codie record. I’ve been taking my strength training more seriously and I’m hoping that made a difference as well.

Monday afternoon I took the girls to a friend’s place for a BBQ (SORRYNOTSORRY). This is the same friend we creek-splashed with on Saturday and I adore her. (HI BONNIE HI HI).

The toddlers played for hours and Codie sat on the patio and ate puffs and cackled at the dogs. My friend has a fenced yard (I don’t), so it was really nice to be able to sit out there and relax without worrying about Kenzie running off and drowning or getting hit by a bar.

2015-05-25 15.27.58

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

2015-05-25 15.14.24

SO. Despite a couple of missed naps and one late night, I feel like we’re in a pretty good sleep routine with both girls right now. I let Kenzie sleep with me a couple of times when my husband was gone. I find she goes back to sleep much easier if I just let her get in bed with me than waste those precious minutes of sleep in her room coaxing her back to bed.  But it’s manageable and I’m not worried about her still refusing to sleep in her own bed when she’s 15 or anything like that. But if Codie follows suit, we may need a bigger bed.

2015-05-22 01.52.52

Obese kitties also take up a lot of space.


Codie is ALMOST sleeping through the night. Again. We make progress and then she gets sick or cuts a tooth or we leave town and it all falls apart and it takes weeks to recover. But the last few nights she’s slept through until 3 or 4 a.m. and taken good naps. Naturally, we’re flying out to see my parents soon so the sleep routine is going to fall apart again. I feel bad that as the second baby, she generally gets the shaft when it comes to regular naps and bedtime routines but she’s so sweet and agreeable that I don’t think (or at least I hope) it’s not going to permanently damage her.

One more thing: Codie is SO CLOSE to walking on her own! She can push the walker by herself now and it is her absolute favorite thing to do when we’re home. I can’t believe she’s almost a year old!

Okay, before I awkwardly end this post by just not writing anything else, here are a few other things I’d like to blog about eventually:

  • More about running/marathon training plans
  • More about the kids
  • Codie’s first birthday
  • Traveling with two kids who are now both mobile
  • Probably more complaining about baby sleep issues
  • Breastfeeding?

Okay, bye! What did you do for Memorial Day? What was your best run recently? Do your kids sleep well? If the answer is yes, GTFO.


7 thoughts on “I did parenting all by myself, somebody pay me

  1. I had this baby bjorn made out of wet suit material, just for those pool baby/toddler moments. Not that it wasn’t still miserable. I mean, WONDERFUL. Children are a real gift, especially when you don’t have to share them with your spouse for days.

  2. My 3 month old laughs in the face of sleep. We’re up every 2 hours while my sister-in-law has a 2 month old that sleeps through the night. So that’s fun. I just hold onto the hope that he’ll sleep by the time I’m dropping him off at a college dorm. And if not, staying up all night is more acceptable when one is 18.

  3. Wait, so Memorial Day isn’t about BBQing? NO ONE on FB even mentioned it. I went to a BBQ at my cousin’s house. He grilled and we ate and drank and tried to keep the kid from the pool area. It was too cold to go in, so he just splashed at it and put his feet in.

    And nope, he does not sleep well. He’s been bad lately with his molars coming in. I liked this quote from Big Little Lies which I read over the weekend: “If parents had children who were good sleepers, they assumed this was due to their good parenting, not good luck.”

    I feel like you’re super mom for getting all that done. I don’t think I can even shower if I don’t have someone to watch the toddler.

    • I love that quote! A friend recently posted on FB about her 2 month old sleeping through the night and how she just knows its because the baby understands that his needs are being met and that his mommy loves him. BECAUSE IF YOUR KIDS DON’T SLEEP IT’S BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU DON’T REALLY LOVE THEM.

  4. It took me four tries to get one that slept through the night as an infant. But she’s making up for it now by being a super ornery 6-year old. That’s being gentle with my words.

    I haven’t run recently but I did just win a rowing race. It isn’t humblebragging if I say it clearly and plainly, right? Wait…is bragging better or worse than humblebragging?

    And good job on the solo weekend. It’s rough.

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