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Hi there.

So I haven’t blogged in a while but I felt compelled to come over here today and catch up.

I wanted to write something about the shooting in Charleston, but I’m terrified of coming across as overprivileged, flippant, insincere, naive, pandering for page views, etc. But I’ve been reading and talking about it a lot this week so it felt wrong not to at least mention that it’s been on my mind. And I’m not religious, but when President Obama began singing Amazing Grace, I lost my breath.

This time next week, our family will be celebrating the marriage of my friends Kate and Danielle, and the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage will make the occasion that much more meaningful. Not only can my friends get married in Indiana, but their union will now be recognized across the country, and I couldn’t be happier for them.


Also last week, we celebrated Father’s Day and my daughter’s first birthday. If you guys have been keeping up, I make a CD for my dad and husband every year (what’s a CD?) and I’m especially proud of this year’s compilation of dad-related tunes.

Father's Day Vol 4

(Father’s Day CDs 1, 2, and 3, in case you care.)


And then yeah, two days later my youngest child turned one.

2015-06-25 16.10.13

And the other one turned into a zombie.

We had a party for her. There was even a slip ‘n’ slide. #sofancy


It was a pretty different scene than our usual parties. Instead of just a bunch of drunk people in lawn chairs, we had a bunch of kids splashing around and laughing and playing.


Oh, there were still drunk people in lawn chairs.

The whole thing was damn near perfect: the weather cooperated and we didn’t spend a fortune because we had the party at home with our own stuff.


You mean MY stuff.

I bought the water table off a friend for 20 bucks!

A few other things going on…

I’m OMGOBSESSED WITH Customer Service on Facebook.



Also the SketchGuru app.

I now devote all my spare time to making my photos into sketches.


Another thing that happened: I was registered for a 5k a few weeks ago but I DESUed: Didn’t Even Show Up.


My knee was still giving me trouble and my childcare fell through so I blew it off. The thing is, my knee feels fine WHILE I’m running. But if I stop for any reason and then try to start again, it buckles up and hurts. I know that’s something I should be taking seriously but I’m sort of like…maybe if I just don’t stop?

because why not

I make good decisions.

Okay but honestly I laid off the running for a couple weeks and ACTUALLY focused on strength and conditioning (as opposed to just talking about working on strength and conditioning).

I’ve been doing cycling and weights (the non-knee-fucking-up type of weights) and icing it a lot. And dare I say…it’s feeling better? I ran seven last Sunday, three on Tuesday and five on Wednesday and I feel strong. I’ll probably try to do a longer run on Sunday again, maybe seven or eight miles.


I had hoped to consistently be running 25-30 miles a week by the time I started marathon training (so first of August at the latest) and needless to say, I’m not even close to that but I’m going to draft a training plan (SOON) and just see how things go. I have a friend who is also running the Monumental and I live about 45 minutes from her but I’m hoping we can plan some long runs together.

OH! Big news: I’ve started doing pushups. My friend Kate (the same one who’s getting married next weekend) is doing that stupid #spartan30 pushup challenge and blabbing about it all over facebook and I’ll be goddamned if she didn’t inspire me to start doing it too. You do 30 pushups a day for 30 days. Except I lost count at somewhere around eight days so now I’m just doing 30 pushups forever I guess. I can now do 15 actual non-sissy pushups without stopping.


I guess that’s about it!

What have you been up to since the last time I blogged? (Since that is the measure for all time and space.) I love you guys!!1! No really. Take care of yourselves.



6 thoughts on “recent things

  1. Love the flag picture at the end of this post. I could go on and on about the gay marriage ruling (my brother is set to marry his boyfriend in FL next year) but perhaps I’ll save that for my very neglected blog.

  2. Bitter and jealous of your low-key, alcohol-serving party at home, because I just got back from Hell (oops, I mean Chuck E Cheese). Nothing like a thousand screaming, sugared youngsters in the middle of your Saturday.

  3. OMG that Customer Service Facebook. OH MY GOD.

    I managed social media at Old Job and grew to HATE IT, so I came to New Job, where I was promised I could just manage websites. One-way communication. I dig it. So hard. Well, now they’re combining websites & social media into one team and I’m all NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I literally CANNOT be the person who has to do social media interaction on behalf of our company, unless our new company brand is “snarky assholes” (sadly, it is not). Luckily I was able to call dibs on the one role on our team that only has to manage our B2B social media which doesn’t get much action, thank god. I don’t care how boring it is. “Doing social media” is a terrible job. Facebook is the new 1-800 complaint line. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.

    • Hahaha! I love this comment. Yeah– I manage social media for a couple of organizations, one an online retailer and the other a non-profit volunteer gig and I’ve definitely fielded questions from all sorts of people. My favorite (meaning the absolute WORST) is when they threaten you with bad reviews/social media posts if you don’t give them what they want. One person was like, “I’d hate to have to post this to your public page if you don’t help me…” @#*&@^$!(#*@$()@. Or write you at 2 a.m. and expect an immediate response.

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