a week in the life of an unambitious house mom

So you guys, I only have one kid today! My husband took the toddler to his mom’s place for a quick visit (I would have gone too if I didn’t think the sleep situation with Codie would be a total nightmare.)

It’s only been four hours and I’m already weirded out by how calm and quiet it is around here. Codie’s napping and I have vowed to use my free time to read books and NOT INTERNET but I did want to pop over here and publish this post that’s been festering in my drafts for a week.

First of all, it’s been rainy as fuck! Usually going into June/July it gets really hot and dry here, so the mild temperatures have been nice but the flooding, not so much.


Stolen from Facebook.

Not my house! A friend took this photo from a town about 10 minutes away from me. We got 4.5 inches of rain in one afternoon, but luckily our street was not flooded, the house stayed dry (we have no basement because we’re #peasants) and I didn’t have to drive anywhere or do anything and the baby slept through it all.

It was like, still really stressful though?

It was like, still really stressful though?

Anyway, I mentioned my friends were getting married July 4 in Brown County State Park (about an hour south of Indianapolis), and we had a really nice time at their wedding. I realize you guys don’t know these people and do not need a play-by-play account of some person’s entire wedding, so I’ll just give you a partial.

The ceremony was in a cozy little stone amphitheater in the park. It was a pretty small gathering, maybe 50-75 people including the wedding party.


Stolen from Facebook.

The reception was just a short distance away in a shelter that was decorated in a really simple but elegant rustic theme. Wildflower centerpieces and mason jars! (No special snowflakes.)


And there was a playground nearby, which made it the perfect venue for all the little kids.

I would've posted a better photo, but she never stopped moving.

I would’ve posted a better photo, but she never stopped moving.

All sarcasm aside, I honestly can’t recall a more laid-back, radiantly happy couple. I’m so happy for them.


Codie’s best Blue Steel.

Oh. We left at 9:45 p.m. and we were all in bed before the fireworks. I know– we don’t even deserve to be called ‘mericans.

If your kids didn't look like this on July 4, you're a fucking asshole.

If your kids didn’t look like this on July 4, you’re a fucking asshole.

We drove back home Sunday afternoon and as soon as we had the laundry going and the baby napping, I went out for a run. It was hot as balls by the time I got out there, so I didn’t have very high expectations, but I ended up having one of those rare, incredible runs where I felt like I could keep going for days.

is #proof still a thing we're mocking?

is #proof still a thing we’re mocking?

Nine miles at a 9:15 pace is really kind of nuts for me considering a lot of my three mile runs have been in the 9:30s. I actually felt like I was holding back rather than struggling to maintain.

I’ve been taking an ice bath after my Sunday long run and I think it really makes a difference in how I feel on Monday in terms of stiffness/soreness. For years I refused to even consider the ice bath as a valid training tool because it just sounded so uncomfortable but honestly, you really feel nothing after the first few seconds. I fill it just enough to cover the top of my thighs and I sit in it until the ice melts, about 10 minutes. I use the time to post humblebrag leg selfies to Instagram.

What even is this?

What even is this?

I gave up tracking my runs back in January but I thought I’d give it another try so I parsed together last week’s workouts from RunKeeper and my Garmin.


Ideally there would have been something else cross-trainy either Friday or Saturday, but my husband was out of town for work and then we traveled so I was like, fuck it.

Before I was pregnant with Codie, I could run five days a week and fit in my cross-training as a second workout on one or two of those days, but I’m not there yet and not even sure it’s necessary.

I’ve sort of abandoned my 30 miles a week goal for now. At this point I’m just focusing on completing one long run a week and one day of what I pretend is “speed work.” I try to do at least two cross-training days and one day completely off. Sometimes two days off because life is hard.


Alright I’m off to go eat cookies in bed and jerk off. Bye!


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