what doesn’t kill you will probably make you bitter and resentful

Yesterday, with my confidence bolstered by last week’s extraordinary 9 mile run, I set out to do an “easy” 10. I barely made it to seven.


It was hot as a motherfucker with stupid high humidity so I wasn’t trying to break records or anything, I just wanted to complete the mileage I set out to do. But instantly I felt like I was struggling to maintain an easy pace and I knew there would be no repeat of last week.

When I got to the point that I couldn’t even hold a 10:00 pace anymore, I realized there was no use slogging through another three miles and some change just to be able to say I did it. I headed home, dripping with sweat and the stench of failure. Sometimes you suck it up and finish your run, but sometimes you have to know when to admit defeat and save your energy for drinking beer in the bathtub. #sobrave


I’ve been doing my long runs on the two mile YMCA trail near my house because it allows me to make regular water/fuel stops without having to carry anything. I just put all my shit on a bench and every lap, I take a drink and a shot block. I also took a gel at about mile five but at that point I already had a serious case of the fuck-its and no amount of gel would save me.

Anyway, the important thing is that I lived to drink another day.


Long run over the weekend? How did it go? What have you been drinking? My favorite beer of late is Kona’s Castway IPA. It’s a really smooth, tropical IPA for those who aren’t fans of bitter hops. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “what doesn’t kill you will probably make you bitter and resentful

  1. I did 5 mile on Saturday for the first time, luckily I didn’t have your weather, it was pretty mild all day. Beer wise I really like the framboise lambic, so fruity and delicious!

  2. Your title made me guffaw and think of this Korean saying: What is bitter is medicine.

    Which I translated to meaning that Korea has a long history of terrible and shitty things happening to them and in order to preserve some sort of self-esteem, they rationalize the situation by saying that it’s actually good for them.

    I had a terrible training week last week too, but an excellent drinking week. So really, not a bad week at all.

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