week 0

Last week was noteworthy because I exceeded 20 miles and completed all my key runs. My 16 weeks of marathon training starts today, so I billed last week as a practice week. I did a tempo, a couple of easier runs (but longer than my normal easy runs) and a long slow 10.


Monday should have been another cross training day but I was up all night so I opted to nap while my husband took the kids out with him.

Wednesday I ran with a friend who lives nearby. We both have young kids so we met at 8:30 p.m., after they went to bed. Yes, it cut into my drinking time but the good thing is that it stays light in the summer here until almost 9:30 and it was not unbearably hot. I’m hoping we can make this Wednesday night run a regular thing.

My Sunday long run wasn’t good or bad, just average. We’ve had record rainfall this month and the humidity’s been a bitch, but it was slightly cooler, overcast, and I was able to head outside much earlier than I usually do (mostly because the baby woke up at the crack of dawn, thanks baby!) I slowed it way down and took lots of fuel and water breaks and I’m pleased just to have finished, and without any pain.

I mentioned a while back that I’ve had some knee pain (it happens when I pick back up after a stop) and Sunday that didn’t happen. My knees do feel a little weak today, but they never hurt during my run.

If I stick with the ‘hard’ training plan, this week should look very similar: a tempo on Tuesday and another long slow 10 on Sunday.



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