Oh hey you guys, I completed one week of marathon training so I think now is a totally appropriate time to make a smug, celebratory and overly confident declaration of my success, right?


Last week the plan called for a 6 mile tempo (4 @ 9:18 and full disclosure, I did it on the treadmill), two easy fives and a long slow 10. I cut short both the easy runs (to just under four) but I ran them at a faster pace so I’m rationalizing that it’s a reasonable trade-off?


Both of the runs I cut short were at the end of the day when it was hot as balls outside and I had no fucks left to give. I also shirked a strength routine this week, taking Monday completely off again and doing a partial (read: halfass) strength workout Wednesday before my evening run.


I also skipped the gym on Thursday when Codie took a super long nap and I ran out of time. (But I will never, ever complain about that!)

I stuck to my weight routine Saturday though (going easy on my legs) and did my long slow 10 on Sunday.


For some reason I was thinking next week was a cutback week, and that thought helped me endure the last few miles of my long run. Turns out the plan calls for 12 on Sunday and 3×1600 on Tuesday. I can’t wait.



9 thoughts on “WEEK 1

      • I genuinely like all the track workouts – despite our constantly shitty weather! I am on a break and can’t wait to start up again!

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