Week 3 + living dangerously

So the week is almost over but I thought I’d go ahead and post my running from last week anyway.


Two noteworthy things happened: I actually did every run according to the plan and I ran my first 14 miler in five years.


And didn’t die!


The 14 last week actually went better than the 12 the week before, and the main reason for that is timing and hydration. I did my 14 in the morning after sleeping (somewhat, relatively) well and staying hydrated.

Hydration is also relative.

Relatively hydrated.

I did have to drink half a bottle of wine Saturday night because I had a rough day.

This week is a recovery week!


6,5, 6 and 6, all easy. I’m enjoying the fuck out of it.

I’ve been doing my speed work inside on the treadmill, and my “easy” runs outside this week haven’t exactly given me confidence that I am capable of doing 8:30 mile repeats outside. My hope is that some day it won’t be in the 80s though. (It will actually go from 80 degrees to 7 in the space of one day because Indiana is awesome.)

Anyway, the next three weeks (16, 18 an 20 mile long runs) are going to be key in determining whether I stick with the ‘hard’ marathon training plan or drop down to the easier one. For right now though, I’m just going to get drunk.


4 thoughts on “Week 3 + living dangerously

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