week 5 and 6 AND A NEW PLAN

So since I wasn’t able to cobble together even one blog post in a week, I’m combining my week 5 and 6 training reports into one long projectile vomit post. The TLDR version: I’m running about 30 miles a week and did manage to finish a 17.77777777 mile long run yesterday but this week I’m taking a break.

Also I attended a really rad beer tasting at a friend’s place – jeez, like two weeks ago? – and I meant to put words on the blog about that too but I didn’t.


But here’s a picture. BEER!

My major accomplishment in week 5 was the long run (16), which pleased me, but I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed because the effort nearly killed me. I didn’t get out as early as I wanted to, and yeah I KNOW it’s August, but the end part was a little bit brutal. If it weren’t for the airport Crown Plaza at mile 13 where I relieved myself and filled up my water bottle, I’m fairly confident I would have cry/walked the last three miles to my car.

For my last two long runs, I’ve used the perimeter road around the Indianapolis airport. In case you didn’t know, Indianapolis has the sixth largest airfield in the United States (OMFG FACTS) so that road is about 12 miles, and I tacked on some distance by running a couple of the access roads. (Not by accident; obviously I plotted that shit out beforehand.) I refilled my water at the gas station/Subway right next to the airport and again at the aforementioned hotel.. It’s a nice route because there’s very little traffic and NO traffic lights and a gigantic shoulder nearly all the way around. And really no way to get lost because you’re just making a big circle. Zero shade though, and around noon it started getting pretty hot.

airport perimeter

This took a long time.

The rest of week 5 wasn’t bad. I cut short the cool-down portion of my Tuesday tempo (cooling down is SUCH A BOTHER), but other than that, I completed my key runs.


And I felt good on Monday. I was a little stiff in the morning, but no scary/sharp pains. I did decide to push back my Tuesday speed workout to Wednesday, and did an easy run with a friend Tuesday evening.

I was toying with the idea of pushing back the long run last week but I decided to go ahead with 18 on Sunday and I’m glad I did (and ran exactly the same pace as my previous long run–WEIRDY.)


Although it ended up being 17.77  because I had zero fucks left for that last .23 once my car was in sight.

My other major week 6 accomplishment was doing mile repeats OUTSIDE Wednesday afternoon, marking the first time this summer that I managed to do speed work outside and not on the treadmill.

The plan called for 8:32 miles and I hit 8:33, 8:30 and 8:29. Something else I suck at is intuitive pacing. I’ve been privileged with the ability to set the dial on the treadmill and just zone out, so even with the Garmin I found it difficult to maintain a steady pace. I started off way too fast and then sort of blew my load at the end. And in the last mile, my Garmin went haywire and just started spewing numbers so I had no idea how fast I was going.

But anyway I’m pleased with my efforts and I’m riding a wave of euphoria into week 7…


I am reworking my training plan a bit moving forward. We have a weekend trip planned for our 10th wedding anniversary in September and it just so happens that a 20 miler would fall on that weekend. Since I don’t think my legs will hold out for three consecutive long runs anyway, I’m adding in a recovery week for week 7 so that my long runs will fall before and after our trip.


As such.

Stupid? I’ll find out, I guess.


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