week 7 + some mundane life tidbits

Well first of all, Codie slept ALL NIGHT Saturday night and for the first time in a long while, I found myself laying in bed at 6 a.m. not dead exhausted begging someone to go back to sleep. So I got up and went running. It was a lovely 66 degrees outside and I hardly even perspired.



Last week I took a planned deviation from The Plan and cut my long run short.



The plan called for 20 but I knew my legs – especially the knee parts – weren’t going to hold up for that so I ran an easy 7.5.

Since I wasn’t resting up for a long run, I took the opportunity to put a little more effort into my Friday easy run and did some hill intervals on the treadmill.

I'm running out of #sobrave GIFs.

I’m running out of #sobrave GIFs.

I just jacked up the incline a few notches every minute or so up to about 7-8%, and then did the same thing going back down. It helped break up the monotony of the treadmill and made me feel like I was getting a little more value out of my easy run.

easy run

Weekly wrap-ups and mileage:

Week 1: 23.65
Week 2: 25
Week 3: 29
Week 4: 23
Weeks 5 & 6: 31 & 32
Week 7: 23.5

Other stuff!

  • Sunday after my run we took the kids to Frozen on Ice and it was pretty dope!

I mean, if I had been on drugs it would have been pretty dope.


Aren’t we lovely?

  • We’re doing a MAJOR deep clean/de-clutter this month. My all-time most hated activity ever but long overdue.

What even is all this?

We’ll probably keep all the books because I have a hard time parting with them, but clothes, toys and gadgets will go to Goodwill, consignment and cousins with younger babies. (Note: I’ve never “consigned” before because it seems like a gigantic pain in the ass and I like donating, but we could use the money and there’s a giant kids consignment sale here in the fall so I’m going to give it a shot.)

  • My parents are coming in a couple weeks to stay with the kids for FOUR DAYS so husband and I can go to Tennessee for some Smoky Mountain funsies (mainly moonshine and hiking, not in that order). It will be the first time in more than two years that I’ve spent a night away from Kenzie (and only the second time ever) and my first night away from Codie EVER IN HER LIFE. We don’t get to go on trips or even date nights that often so I’m really, ridiculously excited. And also trying not to panic.

That’s it! What’s going on with you? HOW ARE YOUR KNEES?


One thought on “week 7 + some mundane life tidbits

  1. My knees are great. Sorry to hear yours are complaining.

    Good for you with the clearing out task! I hear you on the consignment issue. I swear 90% of the shit cluttering our garage (and every other storage venue) is old stuff of our kids that I keep meaning to consign because it’s in amazing shape but…. I have some awesome strollers, a bazillion toys, container upon container of hardly-worn clothing, etc., etc. I need to hire 1 (800) GOT-JUNK or something. I am inept on the decluttering front.

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