weeks 8 and 9 + our wild dirty weekend in Tennessee

Hi! So I REALLY want to keep blogging but every time I sit down to type, I realize there are a dozen other things I should be doing and the leisure writing never happens. But today I’ve got a real special treat for you guys: first, a halfass training report and then a fun little halfass vacation recap.

Week 8 (34.6 miles)

So the big thing from week 8 was 20 miles. I finished just under the pace my plan called for and didn’t die so yay! This one was meaningful for me because I never did a 20 mile training run the first time around and it led to predictable catastrophe at around mile 20 of the race.

My time isn’t anything to brag about but I did maintain a reasonably consistent pace and didn’t crash at the end, which pleases me.


I’ve made so many changes to my training plan recently, I’m not sure it’s even worth the effort to explain what I was SUPPOSED to do compared to what I DID do, but I’ll say I tried to make it a good, productive week while not piling on too much before Sunday’s long run.


Week 9 (17.7 miles)

Last week was a cutback week anyway, but we spent a long weekend in Tennessee and I decided not to pressure myself to do ALL THE MILES while on vacation. I just did a short run on Friday morning (but with a MAJOR hill) and another super hilly 5.5 mile hike on Saturday (over moderately difficult rocky terrain) so I think I accomplished decent workouts while keeping with the spirit of rest and recovery.


hills are hilly

My vacation!

Last week was our 10th wedding anniversary and we’d planned a short 3-night trip to the Smoky Mountains (my parents stayed with the kids). We booked the place when Codie was three months old and I just assumed that by 15 months we’d be done breastfeeding. ASS=U+ME, right? But it actually could not have gone any better and I really, really needed a break. We have flown (with the kids) a few times to visit my folks in NM and we’ve driven to Chicago a bunch but we really haven’t taken like a true vacation since our fifth anniversary five years ago when we went to Germany. And as I explained in an earlier post, this was my first night away from kids in more than two years. So it was kind of a big deal.

2015-09-18 14.04.29


We got up early Thursday and drove to Tennessee and just relaxed. We had some drinks right away and got settled in our little cabin. (Vacation rentals are still off-season right now so we got a great deal but the rates skyrocket in October!)  We had a fancy dinner out for our anniversary and then came back and watched a movie (husband’s birthday present, Festival Express, highly recommend), and then got drunk and went to bed.

2015-09-19 09.37.16

Seriously. All the drinks. And there was beer in the fridge.

I somehow got up early and ran Friday morning, and then we spent the day in Gatlinburg. The place is a ski resort in the winter, and we rode the tram to Ober Gatlinburg and played up there for a while. We rode the mountain coaster and had a drink in the lodge.

2015-09-18 12.27.52 2015-09-18 12.46.54

We rode the tram back down and did some sightseeing in town that mostly involved walking through stores and laughing at the merchandise (air guns, confederate flag shit (ugh) Jesus shirts, bongs) and tasting moonshine and whiskey at all the distilleries. We had BBQ for dinner and then stopped in for a nightcap (a beer nightcap) at Gatlinburg’s only brewery.
2015-09-22 15.00.33Saturday we did a really incredible hike up to Rainbow Falls.

2015-09-19 11.07.07


2015-09-19 12.08.47 2015-09-19 10.51.21

It was a seriously exhausting hike though. I can run 20 miles on flat ground but the rocky terrain and hills totally kicked my ass. We came home and spent the rest of the afternoon recovering (read: drinking moonshine in the hot tub).

2015-09-19 14.37.34

Apple moonshine and ginger ale OMG REFRESHING AF.

And Sunday we drove home.

So even though it was a short trip and not at all fancy or glamorous, it was totally our style and we got to do a LOT of different things while also catching up on SLEEP. I can’t even explain to you how luxurious it felt not to have to get out of bed every couple of hours to tuck a toddler back in or nurse a baby back to sleep. Of course by Sunday (okay like Saturday morning), I missed them like crazy and was anxious to get home and make sure they hadn’t started calling my parents mama and dada.

That’s all! Please tell me: do you get to go on vacations all the time or are you broke like me? What is your idea of the perfect vacation?


5 thoughts on “weeks 8 and 9 + our wild dirty weekend in Tennessee

  1. My perfect vacation is a week or two in Colorado, camping and hiking and with photography thrown in for good measure. Wish I could go more often. Never seen an bear. Saw a beaver once!

  2. Sounds like an awesome trip! We do a mix of local trips and bigger more exotic vacation trips. We like the smaller trips just as much because it’s far more relaxing and it’s nice to get away from renovation mess.

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