week 10: long run redemption

Dude, I’ll get right to it. I had a really good long run Sunday that completely made up for my shitty mile repeats earlier in the week.



I was starting to get discouraged with my training so Sunday was a huge boost. I know I’m never going to be an 8-minute miler but if I could just see some 9:XXs in there on race day, I’d be incredibly pleased with myself. Oh, it was a lot cooler on Sunday and I know that helped a lot.

Okay, the rest of week 10: 35 miles.


Monday – Usually a rest day for me, but since I took off Sunday, I was anxious to get back out and pound out a longish run. I’ve wanted to nail a progression all summer and every time I tried, I either started out too ambitiously, or the weather kicked my ass or [whatever other reasons]. This time, it finally came together. I started at around a 10:20 and ended in the 9:2Xs. And again, the weather cooperated and I have to give that as much credit as I give my legs.

Wednesday – I covered this already but short version is that I was aiming for 8:24s and I couldn’t do it. I was pissed for a few days but I’m over it now. Onward.

Friday – I ran five “easy” miles that didn’t feel very easy. It was warm and sunny. Blah.

TL;DR: The weather is slowly improving and so is my running.


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