week 11

Last week was kinda rough.

heavy breathing

It was my highest mileage week so far and if all things go as planned, it’ll be my second highest of this cycle (unless week 13 totally falls apart).


I completed my key runs but my legs felt trashed all week. BUT I know things are coming together and I’m trying to see the long-term improvement rather than the short-term fatigue. Sidenote: is it just me or does the long run exhaustion not hit you until the next day? I feel pretty decent after I run on Sunday (I mean, my legs are tired but I can FUNCTION), but then all day Monday I’m so tired I want to cry.

Sunday’s 18 was a good nine seconds per mile faster than the first time I ran 18. (And would have been faster if I hadn’t stopped to photograph the airport’s solar farm. Largest airport solar farm in the world, you guys. Information!)


Monday – I always INTEND to go to the gym on Mondays and do some light lifting, but I screw it off almost every week. Usually it’s because I’m still exhausted from my long run but this time it was the baby’s fault. I stayed home to let her nap and I did some pushups on the floor of the living room before opening a beer.

Tempo Tuesday – I switched my tempos to Wednesday when I started getting into longer long runs but I felt really good on Tuesday and was eager to run harder. Unfortunately it was pouring rain so I had to do it on the treadmill. FORTUNATELY, that made it a lot easier. The plan called for a 9:02 tempo pace but I did it at 8:57 because the treadmill doesn’t have a 6.6-1/2 mph setting.


Wednesday – My legs were tired but I eeked out an easy 8.

Thursday – I fucked up. It was legs day and I was a little too ambitious with the squats and lunges and I was still feeling it on Friday. That hasn’t happened in ages but I’ve been cycling instead of lifting lately and it caught up with me. Ideally I’d do a day of lifting and a separate day of cycling but I’m not willing to give up a rest day or do a two-a-day.



Friday – Which is why I did jack shit on Friday.

Saturday – I don’t like to do anything the day before my long run but what are ya gonna do.

Sunday – I got out early and it paid off. It was around 50 degrees outside when I left the house so I brought arm sleeves, gloves and an fleece ear band just to be safe but they all came off within the first three miles. I noticed I didn’t drink/need as much water as I normally do so didn’t have to pee, which was nice. The wind was blowing directly at me from miles 4-6 and 11-14, which was kind of a bummer but I tried to think of it as bonus work. Aside from that, if race day conditions were just like Sunday or slightly cooler, I’d be ecstatic. I’m hoping to get away with shorts/short sleeves but it’s November so it could go either way.


This week is a cutback week before MY LAST 20 MILE RUN and then it’s taper time, bitches. I’m starting to freak out a little bit.


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