Oh shit I’m running a race this weekend!

I’ve been wanting to run a race prior to the marathon because I don’t get to race that often and I thought it would be nice to have a practice race and a benchmark run. I would have preferred to race a half marathon, but there weren’t any that worked with our schedule, so I signed up for the Indy Ten Miler (this Sunday, October 11). My training plan calls for 8, 8, 7 and 8 this week (recovery week), so I’ll probably cut my Friday run short to make up for doing a longer one on Sunday.

This one is in downtown Indy so it will be a fast, virtually flat course, and I’m excited to see what I’m capable of. I don’t know if it’s a GREAT idea, but I kinda just want to go balls-out. Back before I got pregnant with Codie, I was running about an 8:00 pace at the 6-8 mile distance and about a 9:00 at the half marathon. In the Carmel relay I ran, I averaged a 7:59 pace for 6.9 miles, which seems astonishing to me now as I struggle to stay in the 9:XXs at ANY distance.

So I have a secret goal for Sunday’s race but I really don’t know if it’s realistic and I don’t want to seem like even more of a dumbass than I do already, so I’ll just let you know when I’m done whether I achieved it or not.


OH! I got my hair all cut off and I love it! I’d been agonizing for months over what to do with my hair (I know, FWP) and finally pulled the trigger this week. I have a kickass friend/hairdresser and she did exactly what I had no idea I even wanted.

This is basically a naked bathroom selfie.

Naked bathroom selfie, basically.

I love the feeling of running without a bunch of sweaty hair on my neck and my shampooing/prep time has been cut in half. (Which means I’ll be washing my hair two times a week now instead if four.) I wish I’d done it years ago!

If you have a few minutes, go over and read Elle’s Wineglass race report. It was her very first marathon and she killlllled it.

Good luck to everyone running Chicago this weekend! And thanks for stealing my thunder, you assholes.

How’re things with you?


8 thoughts on “Oh shit I’m running a race this weekend!

  1. Why oh why do some people become so much faster after babies and then some, like myself, struggle to keep any kind of pace that was close to my previous existence. Not saying that you or I for that matter will stay slow, but its nice to have more ‘real’ people on the net.

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