week 12 + Capital Warrior 10 race report

So I’m going to do my weekly wrap-up first, but I’ll give you the race details right now since that’s the only thing I care about when I read a race report.


My official chip time was 1:29:17, an 8:55 average pace, and I placed 9/37 females, 4/12 in my age group and 32/72 overall.

Last week was a great week to race because it was a recovery/cutback week so I didn’t have to worry about tacking more mileage onto my race distance and I felt reasonably confident that I wouldn’t injure/exhaust myself by doing a mid-distance race.


Sidenote/tangenty thing: I had a REALLY REALLY good run on Tuesday in brand new Kinvara 5s. The shoes felt so good, that I’m considering buying ANOTHER pair of new shoes and not wearing them at all before the race. (Not really…but it did cross my mind.)

I wore the new shoes again on Sunday so they only have 18 miles on them, but since the Kinvaras are pretty lightweight, I really don’t want more than 50 miles on them before race day and even that seems like a tiny bit high. I’ll probably do my last long run in them this week and the rest of my training in the older shoes. (If I were a tiny bit more neurotic, I’d change shoes in the middle of my long run.)

QUESTION!!! How many miles do you like to have on your running shoes before a race?

Tuesday – I had a really good fartlek-y type run. With our schedules and childcare, I’m kind of limited to running near the gym during the week, so I haven’t been doing nearly as much hill work as I’d like. Instead I’ve been trying to do a little more speed variation.

Wednesday – Wednesdays have had a habit of sucking lately and this one was no exception. My knees weren’t thrilled about doing back to back 8s, and I ran in some older shoes that didn’t feel quiet as bouncy as the new ones.

Thursday –  The week before last, I made the mistake of overdoing it on leg day so this week I focused more on arms/back/core, did a few squats and lunges and then cycled for 20 minutes. I felt fine until like, two hours after my workout, when I started getting a pretty painful tightness in the back/inner area of my left thigh (gracilis???). But I did a lot of stretching and icing and foam rolling and it was gone by Friday evening.

Friday – This run just really sucked. The thigh pain was gone, but the rest of me was tight, slow, sluggish, sloppy, unmotivated and just generally shitty. I began to have doubts about racing on Sunday and I quit a mile earlier than planned.

Sunday – CW10 miler. I’m still riding the high from this race. My secret goal was to average about a 9:00 pace but I didn’t think it was very realistic so I was really surprised it felt so…I hesitate to say easy because I did run hard, but the pace was definitely more comfortable than I thought it would be. I’m thrilled my training is starting to pay off, and I have a lot more confidence going into my peak training week.

The Capital Warrior 10 benefited the Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis ROTC/Capital Warrior Battalion.

My only complaints: there was no early packet pickup (and for some reason EVERYONE’S last name started with A-M so there was one very long line in the morning before the race), and the race started about 30 minutes late due to some last-minute course maintenance. Other than that, it was a really nice, chip-timed, low-key (field of less than 200), reasonably-priced race ($49 early-bird rate for the 10 miler) and I’d do it again. There was also a 10k, 5k and a kids’ 2.5k youth fun run.

donuts bitch

Also they had fucking doughnuts.

The 10 mile course was a double loop that began on campus and then followed the White River trail down to the canal walk. There were a lot of turns (a little tedious) but each one was staffed with volunteers so there wasn’t much confusion. (The 10k was a single loop with a short out-and-back that the 10 mile race did not take but volunteers were very vocal about which way to go.)

It felt REALLY cold as we waited around for the race to start, but I left my hat and gloves in my car because I thought it would be starting momentarily. I did do some jogging to warm up, but by the time we started, I couldn’t feel my fingers.

I forgot my Garmin at home (FUCKASSBALLSMOTHERSHITWHORECOCK), so I ran with my phone and used the RunKeeper app. Since there weren’t any clocks along the course, it was the only guidance I had as far as pacing. I lost a few seconds at the start as I fumbled getting my phone into my arm sleeve because my fingers were numb.

blurry me

There’s me fucking with my shit instead of running.

I didn’t get a pace alert until the 5 minute mark, and was shocked to learn I was running just over a 9:00 pace. I intended to go out much more conservatively and then pick it up later on if I felt okay. But 9:00 felt so good that I decided to stick with it and just see how far I could go. I realized I was risking a major bonk as none of my training runs have been even close to this pace but…whatever.

Miles 1-3: 9:08, 9:02, 9:06,

I tucked in behind a couple of younger women with the intention of picking them off near the end, except they split off on the 10k route and suddenly there was no one immediately in front of me or behind me, and maybe I panicked a little.

Mile 4: 8:40

On the second loop, I began picking up the pace. I spotted a guy and girl way up ahead of me and I worked on closing the distance. By the time we hit 7 and were heading down the canal walk again, I felt confident enough to start pushing it (yet not quite believing the numbers my app was spitting out).

Miles 5-7: 9:00, 9:02, 8:44

I was close enough to the finish that I knew I wasn’t going to bonk. I passed the guy and girl, and then I passed another woman who’d been ahead of me at the beginning of the race, and was able to pick off a couple more people in the final stretch. You guys, I was cruising. I felt fucking radical.

Miles 8-10: 8:13, 8:19, 8:16.

Some scattered ruminations: I was wearing the new shoes. It was cold. I always run better when it’s cold. I run better without the Garmin…? (Not sure I want to test this theory in a marathon though.) It would have been interesting if this had been a half marathon. I think I could have PRed. (I’ve never done a 10 mile race, so I suppose it was a PR anyway.)


Sidenote/question: Do you ever get good race photos? I never do. I’m always the out-of-focus girl in the background.

Marathon training!

Week 9: 17.7
Week 10: 35
Week 11: 38
Week 12: 30
Week 13: This will be my peak week! 40 miles..

good luck


8 thoughts on “week 12 + Capital Warrior 10 race report

    • Thank you! I always looked pissed or in pain. Every time I saw this photographer, she lowered her camera and turned away. Totally taking it personally. 😉

  1. Way to negative split! I like to have at around 100 miles on my shoes when I race. The shoes I’ve been using for most of my long runs (which are 10-12 miles– much shorter than your long runs!) are at about 350 now and I’m feeling the wear and tear a bit. So I’m alternating between those and a newer pair of the same model in an attempt to get the newer pair broken in by my race in 3 weeks.

    • Thanks, yo! Didn’t see that coming. I always run my shoes into the ground because I’m cheap so I really feel the difference when I get into some new ones.

  2. I’m currently debating the whole new shoes/mileage thing with a race that is 2.5 weeks out. I don’t want many miles on them, but know I need some. It will be under 50 since I’m training for a half, not a full. My race photos are notoriously horribly or I’m behind someone.

    • I read somewhere that 50 is good for lighter shoes and up to 100-150 is fine for thicker, more cushioned shoes. I guess as long as they aren’t too stiff, that’s all that matters. I just saw a blog post I wrote back in 2013 where I said I had “only” 400 miles on the shoes I was going to race in. SMDH. O__O

  3. Congrats on the PR!!! OMG, so awesome!

    I’m more jealous about the doughnut than 9 minute pace feeling somewhat easy. This should tell you where my fitness is at these days. Womp womp.

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