week 13: I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT (just kidding I want to talk about it)

I was so excited about how well things were going so naturally I got sick and everything totally fell apart. And I would just like to note that I foretold this in week 11:

It was my highest mileage week so far and if all things go as planned, it’ll be my second highest of this cycle (unless week 13 totally falls apart).


Week 13 was SUPPOSED to be my peak training week but I only made it to 16 miles and some change on Sunday so I ended up with 36 (POINT THREE-TWO) for the week.

It began with such promise…


Tuesday – A badass tempo. My plan called for an 8:59 pace for the 5 tempo miles and I averaged 8:58 (yeah, I added them up and calculated my pace…because…of course I did). So I was pleased with that one.


Splits of glory.

Thursday – I took Wednesday off and ran Thursday instead. Almost this whole time I’ve been running Tuesday hard/Wednesday easy but in hindsight it makes more sense to do the two easy ones back to back. Sometimes I’m really stupid.

Friday – Easy Friday is easy like your mom.

Sunday – I had been looking forward to this run all week. I was even going to try some GMP miles because all my long runs have just been slow and because COCKY but NOPE.

Saturday night the cold hit me hard. I could feel the junk building up in my chest and I had a pounding headache and possibly a mild fever (I was wearing everything in my closet and still felt cold.) On top of that, Codie was up every two hours teething like a mothafucka. I spent the night alternating offers of boob and baby Motrin and just trying to keep her comfortable enough to fall asleep. I should have just stayed home Sunday but I REALLY WANTED THAT LAST 20 MILE RUN.

I actually felt pretty decent Sunday morning after having some hot coffee. I thought I could suck it up and maybe just run a little slower and still make it.


Splits of agony.

NOPE. I barely made it to my last water stop at the hotel and honestly, if I hadn’t been doing a loop that left me clear across the entire Indianapolis airfield when the wheels started to fall off, I would have quit a lot sooner. I used the bathroom, took another gel and stretched a little. My knees and legs haven’t been giving me any trouble at all, but yesterday my whole body ached.

When I stepped back outside I actually felt a little better and I was able to keep jogging for another mile or so. It was when I spotted the tiny glint of sun reflecting off my car that I finally threw in the towel, stopped my timer and walked. That last 100 yards seemed like an insurmountable distance.


This week I’m just trying to get better. The sad, funny thing is that I don’t feel tired or sore from my run at all. Not even that sort of pleasant little twinge of tightness you feel in your muscles after a good long run. But I have this lingering cough that is going to keep me out of commission for probably the next several days and that annoys the shit out of me.

As a sidenote, I just discovered the Saucony A6 and I want them so bad. I have absolutely no way of rationalizing or justifying the purchase of a racing shoe (not to mention the hundred bucks), but aren’t they sexy?


I’m not above groveling.


2 thoughts on “week 13: I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT (just kidding I want to talk about it)

  1. As pretty as they are I would stay the hell away from the A6’s for a marathon. I have a pair of A5’s and they seem to be only good for racing shorter distances, aka half marathon or lower. There is not a whole lot of cushion so your feet are going to feel every bit of the pavement. My feet were pretty sore after the two half’s I ran in the A5’s. I would stick with the Kinvara’s, they are my go to marathon/every run shoe. There is just a little bit more cushion and structure, it sucks they don’t hold up for more miles but it’s just an excuse to own every color!

    • Ahh, good to know! Yeah, I wouldn’t switch to a new shoe at this point in training anyway but that’s just another reason I shouldn’t buy them. I rarely race and when I do, I like the longer distances (more miles for my buck, haha).

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