Taper thoughts

I’m still really annoyed with missing my last 20 miler (#FWP) but I’m out of time now so I have to be okay with the miles I’ve already put in and just look ahead. It’s frustrating though because other than this hacking cough, I feel FINE. I know I could nail 20 miles if I just had more time.

I did consider pushing it back to this weekend but then I’d only have one recovery week before the race. For some people that might be enough but I feel like I need more.

This week will include a long run of 12 (if I recover in time), 4x1600s, and most likely just one easy run instead of two since I’m still in no condition to breathe hard today.

The other thing I’m trying to do to speed recovery and maximize my race performance is no booze. I abstained for a week prior to the half marathons I ran back in 2013 before I got pregnant (or at least one of them I did) but I feel like a marathon deserves a little bit longer. My last draaaanks were on October 7 and while I have no idea if it will improve my running at all, it may improve my confidence. (Which would be the first time in history that NOT drinking alcohol had that result.)

It’s a shame though because a glass of wine sounds delicious right now and would totally help dull the razor blades in my throat.


2 thoughts on “Taper thoughts

    • Ha, thanks. I think you’re right, theoretically. Since it’s only my second marathon though, I need all the help I can get. Even if it’s just mental help. 😉

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