So I haven’t set foot in the gym or run a single step since November 7. Not that I would have felt especially pressured to run anyway, but I got the worst sinus infection of my life a day or so after the race, and an accompanying headache that I could feel in my cheeks, behind my eyeballs and even in my teeth. It was enough to finally get me into a doctor’s office for antibiotics, but I’m still coughing and drowning in snot.

snot bubble

You guys I am so sexy.

Racing was probably a terrible idea, but I think I was a little in denial about how sick I actually was. Ordinarily I adhere to the “above the neck” rule of running when sick, except…who skips a marathon just because of a little bronchitis? (THIS GAL, next time.)

Anyway, the plague notwithstanding, I recovered from the running part more quickly this time around. I was really sore that Saturday and Sunday, and my knees hurt in a way that was a little worrisome. But on the third day, I rose from the dead felt almost completely normal and now that I haven’t done jack shit in more than a week, I feel like a million bucks.


If I can get well in time, I’d like to PR next week at my annual Thanksgiving 5k. Not sure how plausible that is considering the current state of my sinuses, my fitness level, and the fact that I have been training for distance and not speed for the last four months. But, GOALS. And I’m hoping to do a new (to me) half marathon in March if we can work out childcare. I think a PR for that one is attainable if I train smart and stay healthy.

And now, stolen marathon photos! They are really serious about you not jacking their photos, you guys.


Oh cool, they caught me walking!


Look at that bitch smiling behind me. The NERVE.


Horrible form but THIGH GAP.



Please note the same expression of utter disgust in every single photo.


6 thoughts on “postrace

  1. Thigh gap FTW! Not!!!! I always look like a dead fish when running unless I consciously make some other face. Otherwise the default is dead fish with a gaping mouth. It doesn’t matter if I’m having a good time or a bad time. Always dead fish.

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