and now for something completely different

Last week was my first full week of running since the marathon. I am five pounds heavier and feeling jolly as hell.

giphy (1)

I had so much fun(???) running that 5k on Thanksgiving, I decided to do another one and actually train for it. I’ve never actually TRAINED for a 5k in my life (unless you count high school cross country but that was like a billion years ago). These days I like to maximize my running dollars by racing longer distances. I think of 5ks as fun runs that you do on holidays or when nothing else is available. I’m not fast, so it isn’t a distance I’ll ever be competitive at (not that I am competitive at any distance, but…whatever).

So I found a cheap 5k on Super Bowl Sunday, which gives me a solid two months of training. And if I decide to do a Spring half marathon, I’ll still have time to do a few long runs in March.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

11/29: 4 @ 9:32 (with 1 mile time trial @ 7:50)
12/1: 2.4 @ 9:44
12/2: 3.26 @ 9:09 (5×400 @ 7:26, 7:22, 7:16, 7:14, 7:30 with 400 recovery jogs)
12/3: 3 @ 9:45
12/5: 3 @ 9:30 (treadmill)
Today: 3 @ 9:30

I used the mile time trial as a baseline for the 400s but I’m still trying to figure out what my pace should be for these drills since I’m not as fast as I used to be and because I haven’t done a 400 in YEARS. Maybe ever.

I cobbled together a training plan that is part Hal Higdon and part RW SmartCoach and I think it’s reasonable. I’ll do one day of speed (either 400s or mile repeats or a tempo), one “faster” run, one “long” run of no longer than 7 miles and the remaining runs will be short and easy. Since I won’t be doing double-digit long runs, the PLAN is to run five days a week instead of four. We’ll see if I can actually follow through with that.

And just to throw in some non-running commentary, we had Kenzie’s 4th birthday party on Saturday! (She actually won’t be 4 until this Friday.) Four of her friends came and we had a pretty low-key party with a Play-Doh table (credit Neverhomemaker for that great idea), cookie decorating, and -her only request- a lot of balloons.


Codie slept through half the party, but she woke up just in time for cake.


And then later on after the kids went to bed, this happened…

12341073_10208153254487669_1321163120329502232_n 12348036_10208150142489871_2710860624473796437_n


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