some remarks about the holidays and 5k training week 1 and 2

Yeah so, it’s almost Christmas, crazy. (At least, that’s what people keep telling me: it’s like, totally crazy that it’s almost December 25.)

I don’t go to church or anything but we still do Christmas because we like giving presents and hanging up lights. And I send holiday cards so everybody can get a look at my adorable kids.



Plus, family is around and we all do a lot of eating and who doesn’t love eating?

So some people have asked me if we’re OMG READY for Christmas and I think the holiday must go down a lot differently in other homes. Maybe I’m just a shitty host, but I don’t stress about the holidays. (I stress enough about real shit all year long.) We get sushi on Christmas Eve and I buy a Honey Baked ham for Christmas. I throw together some sides and I buy all the booze and call it a day. We do not exchange gifts in excess because we are grown ass adults and if we want something, we buy it our damn selves. Plus, our family is scattered all over the country so it’s rare we ever host more than three or four guests.

Having kids has definitely made the holiday more exciting, though. Watching Kenzie discover her bike last year was a beautiful moment. Codie is getting her own tiny little toddler bike this year and I think she’ll be excited when she sees it. (But whenever she’s not sure what’s going on, she just looks to Kenzie to see how she should be reacting.)

So 5k training is going fine and really nothing else is going on but I forgot to blog about it anyway so I’m just gonna put down everything I’ve done since I last blogged and you can sort it out. #shitblogger #youalreadyknew

12/9: 3×1600 @ 8:13, 8:11, 8:08 w/ 800m recovery jogs (6 miles total)
12/12: easy 3 @ 9:23
12/13: easy 5 @ 9:59
12/15: easy 3 @ 9:49
12/16: easy 3 @ 9:29
12/17: 3×800 @ 3:51 3:46, 3:56 (OOF) w/ 400m recovery jogs (4 total)
12/18: Nothing! I was supposed to go to the gym but I couldn’t bear the idea of loading both kids into the car one more time today so I said fuck it and we stayed home and played.
12/19: “long” run 5 @ 9:45 (treadmill)
12/20: scrapped an easy run

Non-running workouts: 0 (whoops)

Notes: The 3×1600 was “supposed” to be at 8:13 but I had a good day and those laps felt relatively easy AND I didn’t feel sore the next day.

The 3×800 was supposed to be 3:53 (and okay, 4×800) but I ran the second one too fast and blew it. My quads were trashed and I didn’t think a ridiculously slow fourth lap was going to do me any good.

Without working too hard on my easy days, I’ve been trying to keep my “easy” pace under 10:00. It’s partially vanity (I like seeing 9:XXs) but I also don’t think it’s an unreasonable easy pace for me.

That’s about it. It’s unlikely I’ll blog again before Christmas so if you don’t hear from me, HAPPY DECEMBER. Hope you have a good time doing whatever it is you do in the wintertime and you get to do it with alcohol or family or a day off or whatever makes you happy. XO


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