Five weeks to half marathon greatness: week 2

I should probably change the name of this series from “five weeks to half marathon greatness” to “last week didn’t go as planned.”

Monday and Tuesday: I did nothing. I can’t even remember why but I’m sure the kids had something to do with it. But I made up Tuesday’s run on Friday (plan called for rest OR easy run) so I still ended up with the right mileage, even though I skipped strength day.
Wednesday: NINEx400. A record for me! They mostly fell between 8:00 and 8:10 with a single 7:56 and two 8:14s (which happened to be the first one and the last one).
Thursday: Easy 3 + strength
Friday: Easy 5
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 15k practice race. I put off my run until mid afternoon because my MIL was in town and we wanted to take her and the kids out to breakfast and to the park. By noon, it was hot AF. The first six miles went according to plan, but then I completely fell apart and the last three miles were in the 10:00s. It didn’t exactly inspire confidence but I’m reminding myself that on race day it probably won’t be 80 degrees and I (probably) won’t have a cocktail before the start.

Total: 22.5

This weekend we’re roadtripping so again, I doubt things will go according to plan but I’m going to try as hard as I can not to skip any of my key runs. And not to get sick.

Things more important than running:

2016-04-17 10.16.18

2016-04-17 08.52.14


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