five weeks to half marathon something or other: week 4

Last week was the closest I got to following the PLAN. I still took some liberties but I don’t think they’ll hurt me on race day and…may even help.

Monday: Strength + stretching. I did my core routine and then cycled 10 miles at level 10 hill intervals on the stationary bike at the gym. My right quad was really tight after last Sunday’s long run in Missouri but I actually felt better after cycling. I also did some stretching and foam rolling.
Tuesday: Easy 5. I was really tired on Tuesday and ran super slow. That’s about all I can remember.
Wednesday: Ladder instead of the 10×400 my plan called for. I was tired (and slightly hungover after an impromptu brewery visit with friends) but I ended up, oddly, having a great workout. I ran a warmup mile, then 1×2 (8:39 and 8:43), 1×1 (8:27), 1×800 (7:50), 1×400 (7:27) and a cooldown 3/4 mile. 800m recovery jogs. Total of 7 miles. I was really please with this! I never quite know how fast I should be running these (because I have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality), but I put forth a decent effort and didn’t hurt myself.
Thursday: 3 + strength and I broke in a new pair of kicks. Kinvara 6s. I’m not entirely thrilled with them (and haven’t even gotten around to trying the K7 yet– I always buy my shoes when they go to liquidation when they’re roughly 40-50% off). The tongue is not as comfortable as it used to be for me, but the shoes don’t cause discomfort at the distances I’m doing right now so I’m sticking with them. However I ADORE the Saucony Fastwitch. They’re light as a breeze but there’s so little cushioning that my feet get tired after 7-8 miles. I don’t think they’d work for me at greater distances than probably 10 but for speed workouts and shorter races, I love them.
Saturday: 5 @ GHMP. I’m still being vague about my goal pace (and I’m not entirely sure I’m being realistic about it), but I ran a warm-up mile at 9:27, then four more at 8:58, 9:01, 8:55, and 8:25. After my run, I immediately had to get in the shower and then whisk my kids off to a birthday party, so I didn’t stretch and I was stiff for the rest of the day.
Sunday: 10. I was still stiff from Saturday’s run and didn’t get out the door until almost 10 a.m. (the time when I’ll hopefully be FINISHED running the race) but it went a lot better than I expected. I averaged about a 10:00 pace. I’d actually planned on doing 11 miles but I saw my family out walking just when I hit mile 10 and I decided to quit and walk home with them.

Total: 30 miles! 

This week I’m tapering like fuck. An easy run, a 30 minute tempo and then Thursday and Friday completely off before the race.



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