Race report twofer: a 5k and a 4m

We’re in that part of the year where it’s mostly gross to run outside. Not much has been going on in the way of training. I’very been hovering around 20 miles a week but my longest run has been around 7 miles so I don’t feel like I’ve made any huge improvements.

I ran a 5K June 7 for Indy Pride and it was awful so I wasn’t all eager to get over here and write about it. Here’s a list I prepared of all my excuses:

  • I had done very little speed work.
  • I was sick (I think more sick than I wanted to admit).
  • I had just started my period (AGAIN– I think I’ve had my period for three of my last four races).
  • I went out way too fast and spent the last two miles just trying not to throw up.

It was bad, you guys. I achieved my 5k PR when I was about 12 weeks pregnant (25:06) and was aiming for something with a 24: on it but ended up finishing in 26:08. Embarrassing.

Anyway, so it’s been really hot but I needed redemption from that mess of a race so I recommitted to my weightlifting and conditioning routine and maybe it’s making a difference. I’m going up in weight, feeling stronger and noticing a little more definition. Last week we had a bit of a break from the heat so I was able to do a little speedwork and some longer runs. I had initially wanted to do a hill workout once a week but it’s hard to make that work without paying for childcare or waiting until evenings (when I’ve got other shit going on) or weekends (when I’d rather do a long run). So I’ve been more consistent with the weights.

Yesterday I ran the Run 4 Freedom. I like to mention as often as possible that my 4 mile PR is 30:45. I hit that one back in 2013 and it’s actually my fastest official pace at any distance. I haven’t even come close to 7:40s since then so I was 1000% certain I wouldn’t PR, but I thought it would be nice to come in around 33-34 minutes. (I lowered my standards a bit since the catastrophe in June.)

It went a lot better than I expected! I finished in 31:52 and placed 2nd or 3rd in my age group. (The printout at the finish said 2nd place but the website later said 3rd; I have the 2nd place ribbon so whatever.) The course may have been a little short (I don’t think it was certified) but it was a small race close to home and a nice confidence builder. (Well, the photos weren’t…lol.)


Couldn’t get my fucking armband fastened.


Help me I’m dying.

And those aren’t even the worst. There’s a photo of me nearing the finish where it looks like every part of me is loose and rippling. It’s enough to almost make me never want to wear shorts again. #fattalktuesday

My next race is a half marathon in September. I’d love to race a 10k or 15k between now and then, but it’s not bloody likely. All the summer races around here are 5Ks and triathlons. I could do a quarter trail marathon in August but it’s 50 bucks and I don’t like to pay that much for just 6 miles. The half I’m signed up for was only $40! #poor

Temps are going to be back up in the fuckingkillme range again this week, so I may resort to some speed and/or hill sessions on the treadmill, but it’s better than running slow to medium-slow outside, which is about all I can handle in 80+/80% humidity.


I love you.

9 thoughts on “Race report twofer: a 5k and a 4m

  1. Nice job on your 4-miler race. So far the weather hasn’t been too gross in NY, but weather reports tell me that it’ll be horrible here next week, with a taste of what’s to come tomorrow.

  2. It’s usually not quite as humid here but the high temp is 100 every day for the next week. I’ve been doing almost all of my speed work on the treadmill. I don’t find it as beneficial as the track but I’d rather get a little slower this summer than die of heat exhaustion.

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