Running lately

I’m about a month out from my first half of the fall (for some reason I signed up for three of them) and even though it’s been hot and running has been awful at times, I think I’m about where I want to be.

I’ve been averaging 20-23 miles a week and I’m up to 10 mile long runs. I’ve also committed to lifting three times a week, which I used to hate, but it’s actually become…dare I say…not intolerable? And I’m seeing results. I’m going up in weights, feeling stronger and not feeling so creaky and broken after running five days a week. And my “relaxed” pace is a little faster than it used to be, which also feels good.

I’d hoped to race a 10k before the half in September, but in August I didn’t have a lot of options aside from a couple of obnoxiously expensive trail races. So I’m mostly just doing the solo thing.

Here’s what last week looked like:

Monday: weights + 3 miles outside @ 10:15 pace. I don’t have time to work out twice a day so I lift and then run at a very easy pace. My legs feel like lead for the first mile but then they kinda feel better. My splits were 10:32, 10:20, 9:50.

Tuesday: 3.3 @ 9:05 pace. I didn’t run until 4 p.m. when it was obscenely hot and humid outside so I did a fairly speedy hill workout on the treadmill and ended up feeling pretty rekt.

Wednesday: Leg day + 2 @ 9:19. I wailed on my quads and then barely made it to 2 on the treadmill.

Thursday: 4 outside @ 9:42. Warmup, 2 miles @ 9:27 and 9:16 and a cooldown.

Friday: Weights. Mostly upper body and core, making sure not to hammer my legs too hard before my Saturday long run.

Saturday: 10 outside @ 9:50. This pace pleased me because it felt relatively easy. I’ve struggled lately to maintain a 10:00 pace on my longer runs but I got up hella early Saturday and it was still fairly cool outside.

Sunday: REST

Total: 22.4



4 thoughts on “Running lately

    • I’ve never done this many in one season! I think the last one nov 5 will be the goal race (Indy Monumental again…totally flat!) and the other two will just be for funsies. Sept 10 is a very small race (probably less than 200) in Danville, IN and the other is oct 8, another relatively small one (maybe 2000?) in a state park, also Indy area. I don’t travel for races! 😉

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