Last week and the week before that

So it only takes me one lame race to get really down on myself and start doubting my ability as a runner. Even just as a below-average runner. And just in general, I’ve been beating myself up lately about how slow I am. I’ve been thinking about how I used to be soooo much faster, and maybe I’m not remembering 2013 accurately, but it all seemed so effortless. It was this brief, magical period of time when I was running 30 or 40 or 50 miles a week and I was PRing in like, every race. It’s hard to believe I am even the same person who once ran 7 miles at an 8:00 pace (6.9 miles @ 7:59 actually, but who’s counting?!) I can’t even run a 5k at that pace now. And that was only three years ago!

I mean, I do have two kids now and I don’t sleep much and I’m 10 pounds heavier and I’m just not putting up the mileage that I used to. So I get it, kind of. But really? Really??! AND I WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING. It’s not like I regret having more kids! But it’s a little discouraging to know I’ll pretty much never be that fast again.


This post brought to you by Buzz Killington.

Anyway, miles. I didn’t really do a planned taper during race week except that I didn’t run Thursday and I just did an easy 2 mile shakeout on Friday.


Monday (Sept 5 sooo like 2 weeks ago, sorry and thanks for reading I really do love you): 5 @ 9:51. This was a failed progression run. 9:55, 10:03, 9:40, 9:52, 9:42. As I recall it was hot as balls that day.
Tuesday: I can’t remember but I either lifted weights or did nothing.
Wednesday: 6 @ 9:57. A sort of a tempo. (10:32, 9:58, 9:42, 9:33, 9:37, 10:21)
Thursday: weights
Friday: 2 @ 10:13. Shakeout
Saturday: Hendricks County Half Marathon – 13.1 @ 9:42. You can read the miserable race report here.
Sunday: 4 @ 10:11. Miraculously (or perhaps not so miraculously), I felt pretty great the day after the race and went out for an easy jog.
Total: 30 miles


Monday and Tuesday: I did nothing. I didn’t plan it that way, but I had some shit going on plus a couple nights of very little sleep and I realized I could use the break.
Wednesday: 7:5 @ 9:54. I did 2.5 miles with Codie in the stroller (10:31, 10:22) BECAUSE IT IS FINALLY NOT 85 DEGREES IN THE MORNING. And then another 5 miles by myself (10:01, 9:50, 9:34, 9:40, 9:36)
Thursday:  Weights + 2 @ 10:11
Friday: 5 @ 9:20. Finally nailed that progression, barely. (9:31, 9:24, 9:21, 9:21, 8:56).
Saturday: 6 @ 9:50. And another one (10:12, 10:02, 10:06, 9:45, 9:39, 9:13).
Total: 20 miles

Twenty miles. Twenty miles of slow running that for some reason felt like 30 miles of hard running. BUT the weather is getting cooler. I’m hoping to start seeing some improvement soon when I can run in the 60s instead of the 80s. I mentioned last week that I would really love to start doing some hills at least once a week, but it’s difficult to pull that off without having to pay for child care. I could add some hill repeats to my Saturday long run, but that would require driving somewhere and I like to hurry up and get back so I can spend the day with my family.


Question: What do you like to do to revitalize when you’re feeling like a piece of hot garbage? 


2 thoughts on “Last week and the week before that

    • Lol I’ve got the wine and cookies handled, I really would love to be doing more yoga though! There was a studio I loved and it was in a forest and it smelled like lavender and it was peaceful af and it closed. 😦 They do a yoga class a couple days a week at my YMCA but it’s not very…yoga-y?

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