Race week thoughts

So it’s race week! Again!

To repeat something I’ve been saying for a while, I’m ordinarily not one for doing races as training runs. I really can’t afford to enter a lot of races so I have trouble treating a race as anything other than a Very Big Deal. (Here’s a poorly researched and hastily written piece from the archives about running on a budget!)

But I couldn’t resist signing up for a few fall half marathons this year because A) work schedules and child care are allowing me to do this for the first time in years and B) I got in on some great early bird deals so I only paid 40, 50 and 50 bucks (which is about as much as I’m willing to pay for a half marathon).

As I’ve ALSO already mentioned, September’s half was a TOTAL FUCKING BUMMER so I’m hoping for better weather this week and not to forget important things like all of my gels.

Last week’s runs

I’ve had a few good confidence-boosting runs recently so I’m feeling pretty positive. (Although my kids have been sick and I know I’m going to start my period any day now so…we’ll see.) I’m a couple weeks behind on training posts, but none of them were all that great anyway, so I’ll just stick with last week.

Monday: Weights + 2 @ 9:57
Tuesday: 5.7 @ 9:22 (warmup; 4 @ 9:12, 9:13, 9:07, 9:06; cool down)
Wednesday: 3.1 @ 8:40 (I usually lift on Wednesdays but I wasn’t feeling it and the weather was gorgeous so I did some half-ass lifting and then went outside to run.)
Thursday: 6 @ 9:04 (2×2 – which I have discovered that I LOVE – warmup; 2 @ 8:45, 8:39; one recovery mile; 2 @ 8:40, 8:50 and I skipped the cool down because FUCK THE POLICE).
Friday: Weights
Saturday: 10 @ 9:32 (I did 2 on/2 off:  2 @ warmup pace; 2 @ 9:00, 9:11; 2 @ recovery pace; 2 @ 8:56, 8:49; 2 @ cool down)
Total: 27 miles

It was a heavier week for me. I’ve been averaging closer to 20 miles a week and I’ve been inconsistent with speed work and harder running. Last week I skipped the 400s in favor of more miles at/around HMP. (I think it goes without saying that I really have no idea what I’m doing but it felt right to me.)

My aim for this race is really just to have a nice race. Even though I’m not RACE-racing, I SHOULD be able to finish in two hours without killing myself.


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