the week in injury management and tentatively easing back into speed work

I had a pretty strong week of running last week– for me. It all honestly it was mediocre as fuck but that just makes me more relatable, right?


I have been diligently rolling and icing my heel several times a day and I’m seeing some (gradual) improvement. But plantar fasciitis is stubborn as fuck.

Monday: Weights (LEG DAY) + 2 miles @ 10:23
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:30. I threw in 2 miles at around 9:00 average and a mile @ 8:43.
Wednesday: Nothing. We did kid stuff in the morning and I had a haircut in the afternoon.
Thursday: 10×400 (warm-up + cool-down and .25 recovery jogs for a total of 7 miles) It was windy and rainy and I really didn’t want to do this but I stuck it out. I didn’t do too poorly considering 400s are not my strong suit. (‘m not really sure what my strong suit is.) (7:52, 7:51, 7:45, 7:48,7:30, 7:31, 8:07, 7:39, 7;37, 8:05). My takeaway is that the 7:3Xs are way too fast and the 8:XXs are indicative of that. I should be doing about 7:4X-7:5Xs if I’m aiming for 5K pace (and even that is a stretch). If I’d done 7:5Xs, I probably could have banged out two or three more of them.
Friday: Weights, going easy on the legs so that I wouldn’t trash them before my “long” run.
Saturday: 6.66 @ 9:31. #numberofthebeast I ran this as a progression starting with a 10:XX warmup and finishing at 9:03. I felt really good and wasn’t sore the next day.
Sunday: Nada.
Total: 21.66


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