I almost forgot you guys! Every October I get sick!

So it’s October and two weeks before my goal race so naturally I’m sick.


Seriously you guys, can we just take a moment to look back at the astonishing level of denial I was in before the marathon last year:

I ran inside on the treadmill because I thought it would be less taxing on my bronchioles.

I was still coughing a lot but I managed to crank out two miles without hacking up a lung. 

I didn’t cough much, but I felt really depleted and weak. However, I felt like I had to do SOMETHING.

I felt really good. Really strong. I did have a massive coughing fit as soon as I stopped running but whatever.

It’s frustrating though because other than this hacking cough, I feel FINE.

I should have just stayed home Sunday but I REALLY WANTED THAT LAST 20 MILE RUN.

I thought I could suck it up and maybe just run a little slower and still make it.


Both kids were sick a couple of weeks ago and I totally dodged that bullet! When you have precious, filthy little children blowing snot all over everything, it’s pretty much a given that they are going to pass it along to you, so I was pretty shocked when I didn’t get sick. Of course like a week after that, my husband got sick, and now I’m coming down with whatever he had.

Right now, I’m not feeling horrible. Just kind of weak and clammy and when I swallow it feels like there are razor blades in my throat. (Wait, was that denial again?) I know the congestion is next, but my husband was only sick for a couple of days (in spite of having to travel for work!) so I’m hoping that what I’ve got is mild. (Definitely in denial.) I’m drinking gallons of Emergen-C and Yogi tea and honey. I can’t take any of The Good Shit like Nyquil because I’m still breastfeeding*, but 9 out of 10 doctors agree that vodka is an acceptable substitute.


I am bummed because I was planning on one last long run before my GOAL HALF MARATHON, and it may not happen. But if last October taught me anything, it’s that resting and getting better is more important than getting in one last long run.

*That’s a whole other blog post



4 thoughts on “I almost forgot you guys! Every October I get sick!

  1. OMG I never updated your blog URL and it JUST came to my attention that you are still blogging!! I’m so behind, I’m so glad I’m back!! That sucks though, feel better. Not being able to take the good shit sucks.

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