Race week: run hard with a vengeance

So let’s recap:

September 10: Half Marathon (nature, mistakes, BAD) 2:08
October 8: Half marathon (stars align, hills, PRETTY GOOD) 1:59
November 5: GOAL half marathon in which I PR, supposedly.

Except I got sick.


My running recap for last week will be quick. Week of October 23: I did jack shit.

I can tell I’m getting better, but recovery has been slow. I was hoping to ease back into workouts this week and I still don’t feel up to it. For one thing, I’m still blowing out gallons of snot and have to have tissue with me at all times. This morning I forget to bring them with me when I took my kids to the park and by the time we got home I was practically drowning. Plus, Codie just cut one of her two-year molars (and I think another is on the way) and we haven’t been getting much sleep.


I know it’s not the end of the world if I can’t run as hard as I want to. As I’ve mentioned probably a dozen times, I only paid 50 bucks for this thing. There will be more races. It’s not as heartbreaking as when I got sick last year toward the end of 16 hard weeks of marathon training.

But I don’t know if I can just not race. (Which is why so many of my races end poorly! When I’m sick or under-trained, I still pretend I can go out at an unrealistically fast pace and I fall apart.) I was complaining to my husband about being sick and he was like, “Well, don’t race it. Just take it easy and have fun!”


I’d rather go out too hard and fall apart. I never said I was smart, you guys.


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