you can probably guess what this one is about

I’ve been trying to find the time to write up a race report on my latest half marathon and today was gonna be the day, but fuck man, my heart is just not in it.


I am wavering between hope and despair, between righteous ambition and dejected paralysis. I want to march in the street. I want to curl up in my bed and cry. I have cried today. I’ve never cried over an election. But yesterday I saw so many strong, smart women going out to vote. I saw so many be-pantsuited friends. I watched a secret Facebook group go from 100K members to more than 3 million in just a few days and I watched as my friend’s likes and comments began showing up there. I saw photos of 100+ year-old women voting for the first woman president. I saw so much intensity, joy, hope and enthusiasm. It made me feel like the sisterhood was a real thing. It made me think we had this. I was fervently posting old-timey photos of women fighting for the right to vote. I was bursting with pride.

And now I feel like I was fucking delusional.


The only thing more depressing than this photo is the one of all the bros chest-bumping and celebrating.

Anyway, instead of rambling on I’ll just post the thing I wrote on Facebook this morning, and below a list of loving actions and progressive causes we can support right now in Indiana and elsewhere.


26 loving actions you can do to today to support progress in Indiana

If you’re overwhelmed by the election, here’s what you can do right now

This isn’t over, you guys. I love you. Keep fighting.



6 thoughts on “you can probably guess what this one is about

  1. Hugs. I wish I could write something that makes us all feel a little bit better. I’m just reeling…in shock, disgust, embarrassment and sadness. I believe in equality. For everyone. And this has really just made me realize I live in a bubble. 😦 I had so much hope, like you, and we were all so wrong.

  2. A colleague saw me today and asked, “Can you work?” I responded, “What choice do I have.” We need to continue with our lives and fight against the hypocrisy, the prejudice, the bigotry, the anger, the cravenness, the unfortunately the new reality of being led by authoritarian leadership. It’s not so much that I fear and worry about Trump. I worry and fear what he will do in conjunction with the type of people that he will be surrounded by. I fear for the erosion of our civil liberties. I fear for the destruction of the checks and balances. I fear for the state of the republic. And yes, like you, I made a vow this morning of not being complicit and allowing these things to happen. I’ve never been a protest person. I will be now. I will be an activist.

    I actually went into shock this morning. All of a sudden, I was absolutely cold and shivering despite the fact the heat was on in the room and there was no open window or breeze. It took me hours to recover.

  3. I didn’t have any more tears to cry on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. It’s been a crappy week. Only bright side is thinking of all the young people who will be so politicized by this and want to do good in the world. I felt like that as a teen in Pete Wilson’s California and look how lefty I turned out!

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