some running I did last week

Last week was my first almost-normal week since the half. I took two unplanned days off Wednesday and Thursday because I hadn’t gotten much sleep.

I’m still mostly running on the treadmill. It’s boring af but I like that I can run faster and give myself an inflated sense of accomplishment. The only thing is that I probably run too fast for my easier workouts because I’m bored and want to be finished.

Monday: Weights, and I think I did like one mile on the treadmill. (I don’t log a one-mile run unless it is extraordinary, like I ran it in six minutes or something, lol).
Tuesday I tried to run outside but I was underdressed and it was a lot colder than I thought it would be so I went in to the treadmill after a mile. 1.15 outside @ 11:15; 3 miles on treadmill @ 9:04
Friday: treadmill 3 @ 8:43
Saturday: 5.48 @ 9:16. I ran outside, and sure enough, my left heel hurt for the rest of the day (but it feels fine now). I did some quicker intervals including 1×800 @ 8:37, 1×400 @ 7:39, 1×800 @ 8:34, 1×1200 @ 9:00 with half-mile recovery jogs.
Sunday: rest
Total: 12.65

I know, I’m incredible right?



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