Heeey 2000s, it’s me Marie

I’m doing three things Thursday but it’s only Wednesday!


I wanted to blog about three exciting new things I got into this week, but it occurred to me that none of these things are exciting or new to anyone else but me. Then I realized it’s my goddamn blog and I can talk about whatever I want. So!

LuLaRoe. For a while I was like FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHUT UP ABOUT LULAROE. Then my mom bought me some LuLaRoe leggings as a gift and now I’m like, OH JESUS BRING ME ALL THE LULAROEZ. I still really do not like the ‘independent consultant’ buisness model because as an introvert I prefer to do my shopping (and most things) without having to go anywhere or speak to anyone, but they’re soooo soft I just might be willing to venture out of my comfort zone to buy some more.


Streaming TV! We have a really old television that doesn’t have the HDMI port you need for streaming. The TV just won’t quit on us so it seems frivolous to buy a fancy new HDTV just so we can be cool and watch Westworld like all of our friends. Finally though, we decided to look into what we’d need to do streaming and it turns out all you need is this dumb little converter box. I KNOW. It took literally three minutes of Googling to figure this out.


So we bought the box and the Google Chromecast device and behold! Now we stream. In a few more years we just might trade in our VCR/DVD combo for a blu-ray.


Gel nails. I get my nails done about once every decade so it isn’t any wonder that nail technology has improved by leaps and bounds since my last encounter with a nail tech. I went on a mani/pedi + margarita day date with some girlfriends on Sunday and the lady talked me into getting gel by telling me they are much sturdier and don’t easily chip.


Apparently the superior gel technology is substantially more costly than conventional polish but somehow these babies only cost me 22 bucks plus tip. (Apparently some places charge upward of 50 bucks?! Newwwwp.)


This is day four, you guys.

(Note: the lighting in my kitchen totally makes them look shit-brown but they are actually more of a purplish brown.)

That’s all!

What is something everybody else was doing before you? Are you an early adopter or do you hold out like a grumpy old lady refusing to learn computers? I was also among the last in the developed world to get a smartphone.


4 thoughts on “Heeey 2000s, it’s me Marie

  1. I feel like I know a million people (ok maybe two) who sell Lularoe and do it mostly through Facebook “parties” or whatever? If I see one, I’ll share it with you.

    I think shit brown should be the next big nail polish color. I have two different (but similar) shades of grayish nail polish that is like a gray-brown-purple and I love it but I feel like it’s some weird trend or something?

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