it’s cold (training week of 12/5)

I knew it was coming, and now it’s here. The Coldness.


Unlike most years, there was a pretty long period of nice weather after the shittily warm weather ended and before it got shittily cold. The weather for my Thanksgiving day 5k was perfect– calm and crisp; not cold enough to be painful.

But we had a polar vortex incident this week with four surprise inches of snow and lows in the single digits. Lucky for me I’ve been doing the vast majority of my running on the treadmill (if you consider anything involving plantar fasciitis lucky), and even luckier, my gym just got a few dope new treadmills with all kinds of apps and fuckloads of data to consume while I’m running.



Monday: Weights + 2 @ 8:37, (As far as I can recall, I did my whole weight routine that day, which takes about 45 minutes. But my pace is pretty fast for a weights day, so I could be wrong…)
Tuesday3.95 @ 9:52, outside (I also did abs and push ups which takes maybe 10 minutes if I don’t fuck around and look at my phone in between sets.)
Wednesday: Weights + 2.2 @ 9:05 (Abs, pushups, arms, and skipped leg day.)
Thursday: 5 @ 9:26 outside
Friday: Weights + 2 @ 9:04 (Probably leg day? I can’t remember.)
Saturday: 6.2 @ 9:32 outside
Sunday: off
Total: 21ish


This was my first completely normal week of running since the Nov 5 half. (If doing half my runs on the treadmill counts as normal.) I do still have some delayed onset heel pain whenever I run outside and I KNOW ignoring that is a bad idea, but it’s hard to feel any urgency about it when the pain A) doesn’t get worse, B) feels better with rolling, C) doesn’t bother me while I’m actually running, D) doesn’t keep me up at night and E) doesn’t happen at all when I run on the treadmill.

This week has been more of the same. I am trying to stick with my routine of doing some kind of weightlifting MWF and five or six days of running. Also, my gym has an actual proper stair climber machine now! So that’s fun. I did like 10 minutes on it and nearly died.



One thought on “it’s cold (training week of 12/5)

  1. Just wanted to pop I’m and say that I’m enjoying reading about your runs. I’m current training for another half! For your heel pain, try different shoes? Or heat it before running? That has seemed to help my foot pain.

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