3 weeks of training and then I digress


Everyone in my family had a stomach bug last week two weeks three weeks ago, yay!


Us, basically.

And then the holidays happened and that blog post got away from me so you get almost THREE weeks worth of running reports!


These are all the treadmill unless otherwise noted. 😦

Week of 12/12

Monday: Weights.
Tuesday3.37 @ 8:54 (probably also did abs and pushups. I TRY to do this every day even when it’s not a lifting day because it’s fast and easy but…lazy POS.)
Wednesday: Weights maybe? I can’t remember.
Thursday: 5 @ 9:06. I did a progression on the treadmill that I am damn proud of: 10:08, 9:29, 9:07, 8:34, 8:00! The new treadmills at my gym have a lap button so I can actually keep track of my splits. (I took pics of the treadmill screen so I’d remember them later, and yes, I did feel like a total dork when I was doing it.)
Friday and Saturday: Off. I got whatever bug the kids had. Not enough to make me actually vomit, but I felt queasy and really fatigued and didn’t do much for a couple of days. Plus it was like 0 degrees outside so I probably wouldn’t have been all that motivated to run anyway.
Sunday: 5.75 @ 9:09. I ran another progression similar to Thursday. The plan was to do 7 or 8 slow miles but there was this really fast girl on the treadmill next to me and I kinda got carried away. (I know.) Also, running on the treadmill so often (if you’re just tuning in, plantar fasciitis is the reason) has reminded me just how much I hate it. The treadmills at my gym stop after 35 minutes so you have to restart and then you lose your stats, your momentum, your mind…
Total: 14ish

So I didn’t run as much as I wanted but in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter?


Week of 12/19

Monday: either weights or nothing, can’t remember.
Tuesday: treadmill progression 4 @ 9:30 average.
Wednesday: Weights + 2 @ 8:55
Thursday: 5.1 @ 9:10
Friday: off
Saturday: 6 @ 10:03, outside! I ran with a local group I just joined and I had a good time. I’m ordinarily a little selfish with my running time. I want to do it my pace and my location, and I don’t like it when other people have to stop to go to the bathroom. #asshole. But the group runs are a nice departure from the routine. They have a Facebook group page and people are great about posting things like, “I need to do 6 miles @ blah blah pace on Saturday morning” or “does anyone want to run on Christmas Eve?”  and there’s always an easy Thursday evening run so I’m enjoying the option for running camaraderie just minutes from my house.
Total: 17ish

A pretty solid week! More days off than I wanted because of Christmas but I have zero regrets about playing instead of working out.


Better than running.


Better than running.



Week of 12/26

Monday: 5 @ 8:54, outside. I ran this as a progression and I’m pretty pleased with my splits: 9:44, 9:09, 8:42, 8:35, 8:22. Looking back at my numbers, I was surprised at how fast I ran this. I haven’t averaged under 9:00 (other than on the treadmill) in ages. My heel still hurts every time I run outside but I did some rolling and icing and the next day it felt fine.
Tuesday: Weights + 2 @ 8:36. I don’t have any notes on this but I know I did my full lifting routine and had planned to just do a mile on the treadmill afterward but I was feeling good so I made it 2.
Wednesday: I’m really pleased with this one: I did 1×2 (8:48, 8:33), 1×1 (8:25), 1×800 (3:59), and 1×400 (1:54) with a mile warmup and half-mile or quarter-mile recovery jogs for a total of 6.50 @ 9:08 avg. Not too shabby for me.
Thursday: Weights.
Today: 6.2 at 9:13 avg. I ran a progression and didn’t keep track of my splits this time but the first two miles were around 10:00 and the last mile was around 8:00.

I’m planning on showing up for another group run tomorrow morning which should put me at about 26 for the week, right where I want to be. I’m not currently signed up for any races but I have my eye on a couple of local 5Ks in February. One costs more but starts/ends at a brewery. The other is 10 bucks cheaper. Since one free beer isn’t worth the extra 10 bucks for me (like who even pays $10 for a beer??) I’ll probably opt for the cheaper one.

In closing

I want to try to come back and write one of those fun “2016 in running” posts but you know me, I’ll probably get around to it by early March. If that’s the case, I hope you had a merry holiday and a fantastic new year.

And now I digress

I have so much to look forward to in my personal life. I am so much luckier than I deserve to be. I love my family like crazy. I love my home and my friends. I wish I didn’t stress about money so much but that’s kinda my fault for insisting on being a stay-at-home-sort-of-part-time-working-mom. But again, it’s a choice that I was lucky to have at all.

But I have so many fears about the future. You guys, Donald fucking Trump is going to be the fucking president. I think too much about that and I want to barf. But I’m going to take the advice of my mom and dad and just try to do what I am capable of doing without letting everything else consume me. I’ve been making little tiny donations to organizations I care about (Aleppo, Planned Parenthood, Standing Rock) and I’m trying really hard to teach my kids to be kind, empathetic and totally fucking badass. Since they will now be forced to grow up in Trump’s America, the least I can do is to arm them with the tools they will need to destroy him. Swallow your grief, return to the work.




4 thoughts on “3 weeks of training and then I digress

  1. “try to do what I am capable of doing without letting everything else consume me”

    That’s where I’m at too. I realize I come from a place of privilege and there are things about Trump that won’t affect me (bc I’m white, middle class, come from a Christian upbringing), and I have the means to deal with most of the things that would affect me (uterus stuff), and anything else will affect us all. But I feel like some people are getting so consumed in Trump negativity that I feel like it’s going to a weird useless echo-chamber place that does nothing to help.

    • PREACH. There’s a fb group a friend showed me that’s called “surely this will stop donald trump” and it’s just a place to shitposy all the useless echo chamber stuff people share on FB.

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