2016 year in running

The TL;DR version of this post: I ran 1000 miles last year and I have the spreadsheets to prove it, but I had zero PRs (one technical PR but it doesn’t count*) so who the fuck cares?


Shortly before going outside for my run on new year’s eve, I decided to look over my training logs and see if I was anywhere close to 1000 miles for the year. Runkeeper had me at about 978, but when I compared the monthly totals to Garmin, I found a few more miles to squeeze in, raising the total to 991.6. I decided it was be super rad and rewarding (to nobody but me) to run 8.4 miles and make it an even 1000 for the year.


And then, in perhaps my dorkiest move ever, I went into my running spreadsheet that I haven’t used in ages and filled in the monthly totals all the way back to May of 2014, when I stopped logging mileage because I was 36 weeks pregnant and it seemed ridiculous to type “0.9” into a spreadsheet just for the sake of keeping the numbers up to date. I picked it up again for a few months in 2015 and then again, abandoned it.

Look at how adorable I was back in 2012! I actually completed the

Aww, look at how adorable I was back in 2012! I actually completed the “Activity” field!

Anyway, here are a few things I did in 2016 that are not even remotely noteworthy in the larger scheme of competitive running.

Total miles: 1000 (In 2015 I ran 831; best year ever was 2013 when I ran 1583 miles).

Peak mileage month: July – 103 miles. (For reference, my highest mileage month of all time was July of 2013 when I ran 156.9 miles. That’s…never going to happen again.)

Lowest mileage month: November (plantar fasciitis month) – 52.1 miles. (Lowest month of all time was July of 2014 when I ran zero miles because I had just pushed out a baby.)


Birth, basically.

Fastest run: November 24 Gobble Gallop 5k – 7:59 average pace


A one-second improvement over 2015’s finish. WHICH IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT.

Fastest long run: August 10 – 10 miles @ 9:26 average. Just a random run around my neighborhood. I just need to note here that at one point in my life I could average 8:30s for this distance. But I don’t do that anymore.

Slowest run (that didn’t include any walking): June 12 – 6 miles @ 10:59. This was at my parents’ place in New Mexico and it had an elevation gain of 678 feet.


Longest run: Oct 8 – 13.32 Indy Half. I feel it’s slightly pathetic that I didn’t run more than 13 miles all year.

Favorite run: Oct 1 – I remember this run because I enjoyed it so much. I did 2 miles slow (~10:00) followed by 2 faster (~8:45-9:00) and so on, and I did that for 10 miles. My other favorite runs are any that I get to do with friends.


Favorite race: Probably the 4th of July run because I surprised myself. Still not a PR, but I came a lot closer than I expected (31:52). I loved the Indy half too because it was so pretty.

Most rage-inducing race: I had so many, how can I name just one?!  The Rainbow 5k was a blow to my ego because I really thought I’d do better, even though I probably set my expectations way too high. The Hendricks County half just flat-out sucked because it rained almost the whole time and I left my gels in the car.


Favorite running accessory: I LOVE MY FLIPBELT. #notanad. I DESPISED the velcro arm band I used to use and I was thrilled to finally find a superior phone-holding product. The flipbelt changed my life. #onlyslightlyexaggerating. I can keep all my shit in it (keys, phone, gels…I have kept a credit card in there once or twice but that makes me nervous) and I don’t feel like it’s weighing me down or bouncing and I can still get to my phone quickly if I need to (like if the gym child care calls me because one of my kids has cracked their head open, which hasn’t happened yet but you never know.)

Best race photo:  They’re all bad! But this is one of my favorite bad ones because I’m soaked with sweat but at least I’m smiling.


Worst race photo: 


No explanation needed.

Person who inspired me the most: Anyone who just had a really, really shitty race. Because we all gotta stick together, you guys.

To sum up 2016: Disappointment (in running and in not just running.) I feel like I put in a whole lot of effort just to accomplish jack shit. I know I’ll never be as fast as I was during that one amazing year in 2013, but I thought I’d PR in SOMETHING. I mean Jesus, I had like 40 chances. (Eight. I had eight chances.)


Housekeeping matters

I’m going to do my best to keep the spreadsheet up to date this year (you know, for me), and in order to preempt my laziness, I went through all of 2017 and pre-filled the cells with the appropriate formulas to add up the totals.

So if I can just keep up with the daily mileage (literally opening the spreadsheet and typing in a number!), the weekly, monthly and yearly data will be totaled automatically!

Week, month, year all end on the same day!! IT'S LIKE A SIGN OR SOMETHING.

Week, month, year all end on the same day. IT’S LIKE A SIGN OR SOMETHING.

ICYMI, all my races from 2016

Gobble Gallop 5K – November 24 – 25:23
Indianapolis Monumental Half – November 5 – 1:59:37
Indianapolis Half Marathon – October 8 – 1:59:33
Hendricks County Half Marathon – September 10 – 2:08:06
Run 4 Freedom 4 Miler – July 4 – 31:52
Rainbow Run 5k – June 7 – 26:08
500 Festival Mini Marathon 2016 – May 7 – 1:59:20
Mini Training Series 6 Miler – March 6 – 53:41

*Yeah so the mini training series 6 miler that you see linked right above this sentence? I guess was technically a PR since I’d never done a 6 mile race before. But considering the fact that my 10k PR is more than 4 minutes faster, it really, really doesn’t count.




10 thoughts on “2016 year in running

  1. I’m like you in that I don’t count PRs on distances that I’ve technically PRed, but I have ran faster in other contexts (I have a very soft 15K PR, but I’ve ran that distance faster in HMs).

    I’m also a big fan of FlipBelt. I like the newer version that they came out with because they have a zippered pocket now. I’ve lost two credit cards with the older zipperless FlipBelts. Other than that, never had a mishap with FlipBelt.

    • Ah, you confirmed my suspicions! When I had my credit card in there I think I had my hand on it the whole time! Wish I’d paid the few bucks more for the zipper one.

      • If you wear the FlipBelt with the openings on the inside next to your body, or with the openings facing up, your stuff is more secure. I just like having a zipper.

  2. I got very excited because I thought the alien gif was from Spaceballs, the greatest movie ever made, and then got sad when I realized it was the real Alien.

  3. I also went back at the end of the year (or maybe the beginning of this one) and added in my monthly mileage, I may have also stopped in 2014. AND, since my mileage has been so low, I went back and updated my non-running workouts in DailyMile (comparing to my Google Cal, since the majority of my workouts are group classes, although I only had to go back to like Feb 2016)) so I could add in my monthly time spent working out.

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