January recap

110 miles in January and I’m AAALMOST back to doing the majority of my running outside.

Double run days: two!

Days of running: 24

Days of weightlifting: 11

Runs in the snow: one very uncomfortable run January 5 after which I feared I’d never be warm again.

Runs in the rain: only one??
Night runs: 3. I finally replaced the battery in my Petzl so I can actually see outside in the dark now.

Runs on the treadmill: 14 (longest: 8.1 in which I was hungover and almost died.)

Runs outside: 11 (longest: 9.3).  I’m hoping to shift that treadmill-to-outside ratio in February.

Races: zero. Hoping this will also change for February!

Group runs: two

Favorite run: January 31 progression!


I forgot my watch so I used runkeeper but I had my phone in my flipbelt so I didn’t check my pace the entire time. I was just trying to run progressively faster and not prematurely blow my load. Success! I’m not all that great at intuitive pacing and I’ve NEVER done a progression run without a watch so this felt like a big deal to me. Honestly the last mile wouldn’t have been quite as fast but there was a group just ahead of me and I wanted to get past them.


I feel like I’m finally starting to get back in shape and make some progress, and I can finally see a light at the end of this long , dark tunnel that is winter in Indiana. 


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