Week of 1/30

So my lower back has been hurting all week and I am hoping I just tweaked a muscle or something. It’s just left of center and it’s not sharp or shooting, and it didn’t bother me when I was running or lifting but it flared up again today after I’d been cleaning up, doing laundry, vacuuming, etc. I’ve been using my heating pad, which seems to help. I guess if it doesn’t get better I’ll probably think about seeing a doctor or something.


Monday: Weights + treadmill 2.25 @ 8:53. I did about an 8 minute warmup and then jacked my speed up by 0.1 MPH every minute. Toward the end, it got pretty nuts.
Tuesday: 6 @ 9:03 outside. This was my watchless progression that I won’t shut up about. 9:34. 9:15, 8:58, 9:07 (oof), 9:03, 8:19!
Wednesday: weights + treadmill 2 @ 9:39. I don’t remember anything of substance except that judging by my pace I probably felt tired.
Thursday: 6.3 @ 9:24 outside.
Friday: weights + treadmill 3 @ 9:02. A pretty little progression: 9:45, 8:59, 8:23
Saturday: 9.7 @ 9:40 outside. Last week I ran 9 sluggish miles outside and my legs felt trashed the whole way. This week’s long(ish) run felt a lot better. My legs really only felt trashed for the last mile. I had to do laps around the YMCA since I had my kids in childcare there (husband was out of town). So, five laps. It was a little tedious but…not as bad as I was expecting. My only complaint is that it was in the teens and I had to cover my face at times when I was running into the wind which makes me feel like I’m suffocating.
Total: 29ish miles




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